Many people in the Hudson area or near the Twin Cities have been asking me how to support their immune system during this uncertain time, specifically over the last few weeks.  And, they are asking me specifically about using essential oils and other natural remedies.  I am always happy to help share anything I think people will find helpful.  In the last few days, I have had more people reaching out to me for advice on emotional support.  People are finding this “social distancing” hard on their emotional state, because we humans are social beings.  However, people are also extremely budget-conscious right now, because many people have lost their jobs, or fear they will lose them soon.

Essential Oil Starter Kits On Sale

doTERRA announced today that they are putting 4 of their most popular starter kits on sale at 20% off to help people get these immune and emotional support essential oils into their homes affordably and quickly.  I love the generosity of doTERRA, and their thoughtfulness of offering these amazing kits at a lower price point.  This promo was not planned in advance, so doTERRA had to get all the promotional materials and the software updates in a rush.

  1. Healthy Essentials Kit:  The Top 10 Oils to support your physical and emotional health plus a 12-hour diffuser.  This kit is the one I started with (although it’s been updated), and is SUCH a great value.  I love that the oils have names that help a new oiler understand how to use them.  For example, Breathe will help your breathe and will support your respiratory system.

  2. Natural Solutions Kit:  This kit is perfect for the person who really wants to make-over their household with healthy, toxin-free products.  It contains 13 of the top essential oils, my favorite Lumo Diffuser, doTERRA’s top 5 supplements, 6 products from the popular OnGuard (protective blend) collection, plus some personal care products, a storage box and the carrier oil you use to make your rollerball blends.  This kit offers the biggest savings, so of course comes with a higher price point.  If you can afford this kit, it is the most economical and a great place to start.

  3. Healthy Home Kit by doTERRA

    Healthy Home Kit by doTERRA

    Healthy Home Kit:  This kit comes with the Top 10 Oils to support you emotionally and physically, the beautiful Brevi diffuser, doTERRA’s awesome shampoo/conditioner, and a collection of the OnGuard protective blend products.  This is a great kit for someone who wants to “Green-Clean” their home and support their health through essential oils.

  4. Healthy Habits Kit:  This kit is a great starting place for someone new to essential oils.  It offers the Top 5 Oil to support your health, the top 5 supplements to support your health plus doTERRA’s popular Deep Blue Rub (muscle soothing rub).  This is a great way for someone just looking to try essential oils to get started.

Unsure of which kit would be best for you to start with?  Feel free to message me with your family’s health goals, and I am happy to make a recommendation.  At these prices, you can’t go wrong; they are all GREAT starter kits for a new essential oiler!  After you kit arrives we will set up a free 30-minute phone consult where we will set up a morning, afternoon and evening protocol for you and everyone in your household.  You will also have access to our support group on Facebook, my monthly newsletter and our Online Continuing Education series.

Hugs & Health – Michelle