2020 has been one year that most will never forget — the good and the bad.  My husband serves on our local hospital foundation board in Hudson, Wisconsin, and we had a virtual holiday gathering with board members and their spouses in December.  We had a virtual scavenger hunt, and everyone was asked to grab something that reminded them of 2020 and then share it with the group.

2020 Reminders

The reminder items for 2020 were so interesting.  Some people chose obvious items like toilet paper (for the shortages), masks, and hand sanitizer.  Other people chose positive items such as a picture of their family, representing more family time.  We then played the same game on our large family Christmas Zoom call, and the responses were again interesting.  My sister-in-law chose a piece of brick from their patio.  Their family of 3 built a beautiful patio, despite never having done something like this prior.  She mentioned it remind her she can do hard things (like floss her teeth every day).



We chose an ornament that says “Believe”.  I said, “I believe 2020 has been the most difficult year of my life so far, and I also believe there is hope for the future.  I believe 2021 can be an amazing year, and that we can get through all things with God’s help.”  I truly do believe that we will get past this Covid-19 pandemic, and life will return to a new normal.  A new normal that will be even better than before.

Life Lessons

2020 has taught me many life lessons, especially to slow down and appreciate the small-stuff.  That might sound cliché, but it has really been impactful for me this year.

2021 Aspirations

Gratitude is one of my “words” for 2021, and I have started a Gratitude Journal to keep track of my many blessings.  At the top of the list are faith, health, family, friends, freedom, my doTERRA business (and all of the amazing people I have met because of it) and always having “enough”.

I certainly miss going out to church, restaurants, theatres, sporting events and concerts.  Although, if I am being honest, I have never gone to those places frequently except for church.  What I really miss is the freedom to be able to go to these places.  I have had many Zoom calls with family and friends, and while they are fun — I certainly miss hugs.

Change Can Be Good

My doTERRA business did not look like what I had predicted it would look like in 2020.  I joined “Diamond Club” to try and grow my business, relationships and to rank advance.  Natural health alternatives have become even more important to many in 2020, and my business has certainly done well, but not as well as it would have if I had been able to teach classes and meet people in person to educate them about essential oils.  Income loss for many of my regular customers also put limits on what they could spend, forcing them to prioritize and make some cuts with their healthy doTERRA products (although, sales of essential oils and green-cleaning products actually went up).

When we turn the calendar to 2021, the pandemic will still be here, along with the restrictions it has brought along.  I choose to fill my world with “Joy” (another of my words for 2021), and to count my blessings (not my burdens).  I intend to “Shine” (my third word for 2021), and pray that my life and my voice will be a blessing to help others in their journey.

If you wish to join me in my 2021 quest for “Gratitude”, “Joy” and “Shine-ing”, I would love to have you along for the ride.  Whether it be as a friend, mentor, essential oil guide or business partner, I welcome all who wish to join me in a healthy and happy 2021.


Blessings & Joy – Michelle