2021 is winding down, and I can’t think of a better way to begin 2022 than with a jump-start to optimal health.  A group of us will be supporting each other through a gentle yet effective 30-day cleanse.  If you’ve never done a cleanse, or even considered it, here are a few reasons you should!

Top 5 Reasons To Cleanse


  1. Overall Health:  Over time our bodies get burdened down by toxins, even if you try your hardest to lead a toxin-free lifestyle.  Our environment is filled with hidden toxins in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the water we drink, the products we clean and purify our home with and the products we put on our skin.  If you are a label-reader and try to purchase all organic toxin-free products you reduce this burden; however, there are hidden toxins we simply can’t avoid.  Your body is designed to detoxify or get rid of anything it encounters that it can’t use.  We all have a tipping point, where if we are exposed to too many toxins our body’s don’t work efficiently anymore and toxins get stored in our body.  These stored toxins can cause dysfunction and even disease.  Helping your body get rid of these toxins on a regular basis is an important and easy step to improving overall health and wellness.
  2. Immune System:  Cleaning out your body’s detox organs (kidneys, liver, respiratory tract, digestive tract and skin) help your body function at it’s best and boost your immune system.  You will notice more energy about one week into the cleanse that will last as long as your body remains unburdened with toxins.  doTERRA’s 30-day cleanse will help support a healthy immune system, something we all want during the cold winter months!
  3. Healthy Skin:  You will notice your skin will look healthier post-cleanse.  Your skin is actually one of your body’s detox organs, and this gentle cleanse will have your skin looking clean, clear and youthful!
  4. Digestive System:  Your digestive system is one of the easiest systems to notice if it is “off” or not functioning optimally.  Whether you go too often or not enough, detoxifying these organs will help “regulate” your system.  This is a gentle cleanse and will not have you running to the bathroom.  However, many people report it helps them eliminate easily and regularly and you may notice a decrease in bloating and gas.  Some people will lose weight on this 30-day cleanse as your body is better able to use the nutrients in the foods you are eating and eliminate those it does not want.  You will also notice cravings may disappear as your body is getting the nutrients it needs.
  5. Brain Health:  Clear thinking and being able to focus is another benefit people notice while doing a cleanse.  Personally, I find that I do some of my most creative thinking after the first week of this cleanse. I like to do this every January as I set goals for the year.  Sleep is also something that improves, and I think it goes along with the clear thinking.  Our brains also just work better when they are not burdened down by toxins and synthetics.

Cleanse & Restore Kit

doTERRA has designed a kit that makes our 30-day cleanse easy to follow.  It contains the supplements and essential oils that you need for 30-days.  There are 3 phases (Activate, Reset, Renew) to this cleanse, each lasting for 10-days.  Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed about how to actually take the supplements.  We are creating a Facebook Support Group where we will educate you on each of the products from how to take it to why it benefits your body.  I find it motivating to know the science behind what each product is designed to do in my body and for my health.

Our group officially kicks off on January 16, 2022; but you can choose the start date that works best in your schedule.  We will be educating and preparing ahead of time so that we are all ready to go.  This allows you time to grab your Cleanse & Restore Kit (already a doTERRA wholesale customer?  You can grab your kit in December or January and if you purchase through your LRP cart will gain additional benefits and savings), clean out your pantry, find healthy recipes and prepare a meal plan.

We are not following a specific eating plan, so you can choose what works best for you.  I do recommend eliminating as much processed food and sugar as you can during this time.  Some people will follow a Whole 30 eating plan, Ketogenic diet, or a Paleo Diet.  You do not have to follow a specific eating plan, but you do need to plan ahead for if you want to be successful at healthy eating.

If you have a question, please feel free to PM me or comment below.  I sincerely hope you decide to join us and ring in 2022 as healthy as possible.  Please let me know if you are joining us, and I can add you to our private support group on Facebook!


Hugs & Healthy New Year – Michelle