Why I Began Using dōTERRA

I first looked into essential oils to support my youngest son. My son, Danny, has a rare genetic disorder called Cohen Syndrome (http://www.cohensyndrome.org/). Cohen Syndrome effects less than 1,000 people world-wide. We got Danny’s diagnosis in 2014, and it was very helpful to find a community of people to connect with, and to learn some of the reasons behind his chronic childhood illnesses.

My Son Danny

My husband, Matt is a chiropractor, and Matt, myself and our older son Jacob have been blessed with good health. After Danny was born, he suffered many illnesses, infections and hospitalizations. Our usual bag of tricks combined with medical care just weren’t helping him stay healthy. Danny suffered from frequent ear infections, RSV, rotavirus, colds, strep throat and canker sores. When he wasn’t feeling well, the condition would last much longer than for most people. As a mom, it is extremely difficult to have a child who is sick and not be able to help them. You could kind of say it consumes everything – and you keep searching to find something to help your child.

The medical community did a great job treating Danny’s illnesses. In fact, we were blessed to find a pediatrician who went above and beyond to find answers, provide referrals, and spend extra time caring for our Danny. When Danny was sick, his care and treatment were excellent. We learned the reason he was chronically ill was due to a low white blood cell count (called neutropenia), which is common with kids with Cohen Syndrome.

Knowledge is power! Danny started on a medication called Neupogen, which boosts the neutrophil count in white blood cells. However, he was still getting frequent viruses which led to mouth sores, and they drastically affected his quality of life. He would be put on steroids for 10 days, the sores would become large and painful – he wouldn’t eat and we couldn’t brush his teeth. He would miss school. But don’t worry – the positive part is coming!

Disclaimer — Essential oils use isn’t intended to prevent, treat, or cure ailments, but rather to help support your body’s immune system in a natural way.

I began using essential oils in 2015 after a friend posted on social media about how they had helped her daughter. My friend’s daughter had health challenges, and she had learned about essential oils helping with the side effects at the hospital through their integrative medicine department. We began using essential oils to boost Danny’s immune system and promote healthy cells. We also changed his diet to what I call a “real-food” diet. He eats very little processed food, and also became gluten-free. Danny still gets injections of Neupogen twice/week.

Danny is now a healthy and happy 16 y.o. who is rarely under the weather. A fun fact about us – we are the only known people to have adopted a child with Cohen Syndrome. In fact, he has missed less than a week of school due to feeling unwell during each of the last three years, and he used to miss 6-8 weeks of school/year. That is incredible!

The biggest blessing has been watching Danny thrive. When he’s healthy – he’s happy (cheerful disposition is another characteristic of Cohen Syndrome)! Danny has gained in so many areas in the last few years, and it has been incredible to witness his growth. Danny is able to do many things that experts thought he wouldn’t – such as walk, talk, toilet train, read, write and do simple math. It is thrilling to watch him dance with his school’s adaptive cheer squad and work at his school’s coffee counter!

Our entire family has integrated essential oils into our life, and have found them to be a blessing. Menopause, hormone fluctuation and poor sleep were issues for me, and I can report they no longer are due to essential oils, regular exercise and nutrition. Our results have been so amazing, that I couldn’t keep quiet. My hope is that you find essential oils to be a blessing for yourself and your family. I would be honored to help support and educate you on your journey!