My 20 year old had been residing at a sober home, and received his 60-day pin from Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in mid July.  He was then kicked out of his sober house, because they suspected him of using marijuana.  He was still testing positive from use prior to being allowed in the second time late May.

Drug Testing

Typically, THC will clear within a 30-day period, however; it is stored in fat cells so can take longer in larger individuals.  My son got a test at a local Western Wisconsin hospital that would show the THC levels to prove he wasn’t using.  The test came back showing he tested positive for THC, but the lab did not test for levels.  The owner of his sober house kicked him out, because they couldn’t prove he wasn’t using, and it was causing discord in the house that he was there and testing positive.


My son still claims he was not using then, and went for another test at our primary clinic, to prove he wasn’t using.  When you get kicked out of a sober house, you don’t get your rent back.  Our son did not have enough money for a hotel or rent at another rental (he had lost one job for poor attendance and quit another due to stress).  We have had to remain firm that he could not move back in with us until he had completed the 4-month minimum stay at his sober house (to prevent him from using, getting kicked out and moving back in with us to continue the cycle).  He stayed with a former resident who had graduated from the sober house for a few days, went on a weekend NA camping retreat and was then sleeping in his car.  He then started using again.  When we saw him, he was dirty and incredibly high.  Honestly, we feared for his safety and even his life.

Salvation Army ARC

We had seen a resource called “Lost Sheep Ministries” and called the man on the card.  He spoke to us with our son on speaker phone and told him, “God doesn’t care if you’re dirty or stoned, he has a plan for you.  Come as you are.  You are welcome here.”  What beautiful words, and he meant them.  We dropped our son off at the Salvation Army ARC (Adult Rehabilitation Center) in Minneapolis a few hours later.

If you are looking for addiction help, I highly recommend the Salvation Army ARC program.  It’s a 6 month program that focuses on connecting to a higher power (God), work rehabilitation, counseling and addiction therapy.  There is no charge, and people work 40-hours/week to pay for their program.  Our son has always had trouble keeping a job, fitting in, being honest at counseling, etc. so the program seems a perfect fit.

If you are looking to donate money to a worthwhile charity, I also recommend the Salvation Army.  They accept anyone into their program (they only asked 4 simple questions for him to qualify), and truly embody the spirit of helping others and caring for everyone. We had called over 25 treatment programs and homeless shelters prior to finding the ARC, and none of them would either accept his insurance or had openings.

Prayers And Dreams

I pray this is the help my son needs and accepts to remain sober and learn to feel pride in working and keeping a job.  I pray he is able to connect with God, start to believe in himself and make lasting change.  I pray he stays the full 6 months and takes this time to work on himself.  My husband and I feel hopeful about our son’s future for the first time in a long time.

Journey To Healing

So far, he has been there one week.  For one week, we have been able to sleep, knowing he is safe. We still don’t have the results of his second drug test.  He may or may not have been using prior to being kicked out of his sober home.  Addiction affects an entire family, and puts a lot of stress on everyone.  Forgive, Adaptiv and Serenity essential oils have been a staple for me, my husband and younger son.  We offer up prayers of gratitude for this program we found, and pray our son continues getting the help he needs to have a healthy and happy life.  We believe God has a plan for everyone, and hopefully, this stressful journey has led our son to the path that will set him free.

Hugs & Health – Michelle