Scent is closely related to our memories and emotions!  When we breathe in a scent, it travels directly through our olfactory system to the limbic system of our brain, which is the part that controls memory and emotions.  Our sense of smell is estimated to be 10,000 times more acute than our other senses and sensitive to some 10,000 chemical compounds. Once registered, scent travels faster to the brain than either sight or sound. My favorite way to scent my home and home office is with essential oils in a diffuser, because they smell great and are also great for my health.  Did you know diffusing essential oils may also be a powerful aid to realtors?  In fact, I would call them a real estate agent’s secret weapon.

Essential Oils For Home Use

A few tiny bottles and a couple of diffusers can rid an empty home of a musty smell, evoke feelings of trust, eliminate airborne mold, shine windows, uplift moods, provide a calm and serene environment, clean carpet stains, even eliminate the odor of harsh, chemical cleaners, among many other things.

Simple Scents Work Best

Smells can either positively or negatively affect a potential buyers opinion of a home. There are numerous studies that show that there are different scents that make a person feel compelled to make a transaction (or at the least, feel more comfortable about it). This is why many people bake fresh bread or cookies prior to an open house.  Science suggests that simple scents work best at sale time, and citrus scents have been shown to increase sales by creating a welcoming, and inviting atmosphere.

I am referring to the scent of citrus from pure essential oils and not synthetic citrus fragrances from candles or cleaning products.  In fact, synthetic fragrances can often aggravate people’s allergies, cause headaches and other adverse reactions in people who are sensitive to smells.

Essential Oils For Open Houses

Healthy Holiday Scents

Healthy Holiday Scents

Some of the essential oils proven to create a welcoming environment for an open house include:  Adaptiv, Balance, Cheer, Citrus Bloom, Northern Escape, OnGuard and Wild Orange — all of which can be found in this starter kit that contains 10 oils great for diffusing plus a diffuser.  During the holiday season, the traditional holiday baking and tree scents work best to help a home feel welcoming.  I recommend two of doTERRA’s seasonal blends Holiday Joy and Holiday Peace (featured recently on Redfin’s Blog).

Whether you are in the market for a new home, a realtor looking to maximize sales, or an individual looking to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home, essential oils in a diffuser are the way to go.  If you  have questions or want advice on scents for your home, comment below or message me; I’m always happy to help!


Hugs & Health – Michelle