doTERRA Convention My First Year

doTERRA Convention My First Year

There has never been a better time to join my team with doTERRA!  Typically, business slows down in the summer months with doTERRA, because people are busy vacationing and sick less often in the summer.  With things opening up for in-person events again, people are excited to be hosting events and chatting oils.  If you have ever wondered what it would be like to work from home and educate people on natural health solutions, it’s time you jump in and give it a try!

Join My Growing Network Marketing Team

My team is called “Shine Bright Like A Diamond“, because I feel we all shine when we share our passion of natural health through essential oils.  You can ask anyone on my team about our team environment; you will hear things like, “we work together, we have fun, we support each other.”  We have at least one team-wide monthly event, so my builders only have to invite (and the rest of the work is done).  We also have team-wide business trainings, so bringing on new builders is easy.  We have a weekly call for educating and connecting, weekly business opportunity calls, weekly education for new oilers, and more in-depth trainings for those who really want to dive in.  How much do these trainings cost, you might ask?  Nothing!  That’s right, we train you for free.

Network Marketing Made Easy

ANYONE who has a desire to be successful, is willing to work and put the time in, and loves helping people can be successful.  This is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” nor is it a pyramid scheme.  What doTERRA’s business opportunity is could be described as network marketing with a “legacy company” (meaning the structure of the company is such that doTERRA will be around forever).  Many network marketing companies will start out with a bang when they form, and then quickly fizzle out.  With doTERRA, you don’t have to worry about the company going under, or changing their compensation plan.  doTERRA is committed to sustainably sourcing the world’s purest oils, and having a generous and fair compensation plan for those who share their oils with the world.

Work From Home And LOVE It

I truly LOVE what I do, and hearing how oils and supplements I recommend have helped people. I also LOVE helping new builders and casual sharers learn how to grow an at-home doTERRA business of their own.  Supporting my team, and witnessing their success fills my “joy cup”.  I have 3 spots on my team that need committed and capable leaders, as well as 9 or 10 spots that need dedicated smaller builders.  Whatever your goal is, I can help you attain it if you are teachable and willing to work.

How To Get Started With doTERRA

Comment below or PM me if you wish to learn more (you must not be working with another doTERRA team).  My first recommendation will be to join one of our weekly business opportunity calls, and then we set a time to connect personally via phone.  I like to meet you where you are at, and help you come up with a personal plan to be successful within your time constraints.  The sky is truly the limit for those willing to commit to working hard to share these “gifts of the earth”.

Hugs, Health & Wealth — Michelle