2020 has certainly been the year of uncertainty, and back-to-school for the fall of 2020 contains a lot of change and uncertainty as well.  I have been a fan of the health benefits of using pure essential oils for about 6 years, and I feel they are an even more important part of a healthy back-to-school routine in 2020 than they have been in past years.

Immune Support

Maintaining a healthy immune system is one of the health goals we have in our family.  I like to say we make an “unwelcome host” to germs when we keep our immune systems boosted.  A few things we do on a daily basis in our house for our immune systems include:

  1. Immune Support Rollerball:  We combine 15 drops OnGuard, 15 drops Lemon, 10 drops Frankincense and 10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oils in a 10 ml rollerball and top with FCO (fractionated coconut oil).  I set this out at the breakfast table every morning, and we all roll on the bottoms of our feet before we eat breakfast.  You can also use the Stronger Protective Blend for kids 8 and under.
  2. LifeLong Vitality (LLV) Supplements:  We all take 2 each of the LLV supplements in the morning with our breakfast and again in the evening with our supper.  This amazing trio of vitamins includes MicroPlex VMZ (multi-vitamin/mineral food nutrient complex), xEO Mega (essential oil omega complex), and Alpha CRS (cellular vitality complex).  This powerhouse trio is also available in a Vegan formula.  I believe nutrition is the foundation of good health, and these supplements help us get the nutrition we need each day.
  3. Diffuse OnGuard regularly to cleanse the air of unwanted germs.
  4. Take 1 OnGuard Softgel daily with breakfast to support a healthy immune system.


While cleaning has always been necessary, it is even more important in maintaining good health in 2020.  We like to use cleaners that we make ourselves with essential oils.  They are effective and contain no chemicals, synthetics or fragrances that can be harmful.  Keeping your body as toxin-free as possible goes a long way in boosting your immune system.  Some of the doTERRA products I love for cleaning our homes and our bodies include:

  1. OnGuard Sanitizing Mist:  This small bottle yields a strong hand-sanitizer that is effective (it kills 99.9% of germs), yet is gentle on the hands.  It contains apple extract that is moisturizing and also OnGuard essential oil in a convenient mist.  I keep a bottle in my purse, car door, kitchen counter, on my husband’s chiropractic clinic front counter and in my son’s school back-pack.  I also gave these out as teacher gifts last Christmas.
  2. OnGuard Foaming Hand Wash:  This amazing hand soap is non-toxic, effective and environmentally safe.  My husband and son also use this as a healthy shaving cream.
  3. OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate:  I make all of my own cleaning products using OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate, OnGuard Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, vinegar, Water and organic dish soap.  I made a bottle for my son’s teacher and sent it to school for cleaning his desk, etc.


Helping kids focus on school work and get ready to learn is also key to a successful school year.  Many kids have not been in school since last March, and it may take longer for them to get in the study routine.  Some of my favorites (and they all 3 happen to be 15% off in August) for focus and concentration include:

  1. InTune Focus Blend:  A blend of oils combined together to promote a sense of clarity and focus.  I like to apply this to the back of my neck before studying or before a work meeting.  This is a great choice for kids and adults who need a little help focusing and also for kids who have more chronic attention issues.
  2. Motivate Touch Encouraging Blend:  This minty aroma promotes feelings of courage, confidence and motivation.  If you have a tendency to procrastinate, you will love this blend.  I like to apply this one to my pulse points (neck, inner elbow, wrist and over my heart) and then inhale the scent.
  3. Thinker Focus Blend for kids:  This blend works similarly to the Intune Focus blend, but is milder and diluted for kids.  I think of this for kids 8 and under.  This is great applied to the back of the neck before school.  Many kids keep it in their backpack and apply before tests or subjects they find difficult.

Keep Calm

To help soothe nervous or anxious feelings, there are several essential oil blends that I love.   Empowering kids with natural solutions like essential oils for these nervous feelings we all experience at times helps them feel secure that they can manage these emotions.  Many kids have more anxious feeling about heading back to school this year than in other years due to the uncertainty of the times, and the fact that many haven’t been in school for almost 6 months.  In fact, I think an important step is letting kids choose the oil they feel drawn to, or that will help them to relax.  A few of my favorites include:

  1. Brave Courage Blend for kids (but adults LOVE the scent, too):  This blend can be particularly helpful for the beginning days of school when everything is new and different.  For a boost of courage and confidence, apply this blend to the bottoms of the feet or onto the back of the neck or tummy.
  2. Steady Grounding Blend for kids:  If your kids experience nervous or anxious feelings about heading back to school, this blend may be helpful.  To calm and comfort these emotions, kids can apply this on their wrists and neck.
  3. Adaptiv Calming Blend:  This essential oil also come in a touch roller for convenience and in a capsule for added support when adapting to stressful situations.  You can purchase the trio called The Adaptiv System at a discounted rate, or simply try the oil (for diffusing), the touch (for applying topically) and/or the capsules for internal support.
  4. Balance Grounding Blend:  This beautiful scent is perfect in a diffuser or applied topically right out of the bottle.  It is one of the only oils diluted with FCO in a 15 ml bottle, so it’s great for aromatic or topical use for soothing emotions.  Many men like this blend, because it isn’t floral (like most calming blends).

Soothe Sore Muscles

If your child is also starting in sports after a long break, they may experience some muscle soreness.  Kids often also experience growing pains, and the same remedies may be helpful:

  1. Rescuer Soothing Blend for kids:  This blend is perfect after playing, running and jumping to rub onto sore legs, feet or on their back to soothe and comfort.
  2. Deep Blue Soothing Blend:  This blend comes in an oil that is great in an Epsom Salt bath or pre-diluted in a touch roller to roll over areas that need comforting.
  3. Deep Blue Rub:  A convenient lotion that is infused with Deep Blue Oil that is great to put on any area that needs a cooling or soothing effect.   My husband also uses this daily at his chiropractic clinic.
  4. Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex:  a nutritional supplement that eases soreness and discomfort with fast-acting polyphenols and botanicals.  Combine this supplement with the oil and rub for an even greater effect.

Face Mask Spray

Face masks are mandatory in schools in most states in the United States.  Many kids are not used to wearing a mask all day, and might have some anxious feelings around this.  Making an essential oil face mask spray that is cooling, cleansing, protecting and calming can be super helpful.  My favorite recipe is to combine about 2 Tablespoons Witch Hazel, 10 drops Peppermint, 10 drops Bergamot essential oils in a glass bottle and fill to the top with water.  Kids can keep this in their backpack, and spray their mask every few hours.

While many kids have missed school, they may be feeling uncertain, nervous and excited all at the same time about heading back (and so are we parents).  You can also purchase a “Kid’s Collection” of 7 oils specially designed and formulated for kids, so they can choose what feels right for them.

I hope you find some of these suggestions helpful in establishing a routine for a successful, healthy and fun school year!  While these suggestions are geared towards students, the same routines can be beneficial to us parents/adults.  A daily protocol of health and well-being sounds delightful to me right now, and exactly like what we need to guide us through the remainder of 2020!

Hugs & Health – Michelle