I love a good sale, and BOGO’s are the best.  What could be even better?  A Buy 1 Get 2 Free Deal (is that a BOGT)?!!!

BOGO Buy Frankincense Get 2 Freebies

Today only (Tuesday, July 16th, 2019) doTERRA is generously offering buy 1 Frankincense Touch Rollerball and get a free Breathe Touch Rollerball Blend AND a free DigestZen Touch Rollerball Blend.  WOW!!


Buy 1 Get 2 Free!

        BOGO 7-16-19

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is my favorite essential oil (if I had to choose only one).  I use it daily for myself and my son, Danny.  I use it preventatively for healthy skin cells.  I apply it to any spots my dermatologist has recommended I watch after my shower.  It has worked great for me!  I also apply it over skin imperfections after surgery from previous skin cancers – I am amazed at how well it reduces the appearance of these skin imperfections when used on a consistent basis.

I apply Frankincense to the bottoms of Danny’s feet, spine or back of his neck every morning.  It can support a healthy immune system, concentration, and helps him feel grounded and able to handle his day.  Frankincense has been huge for Danny, both for his stress level and his immune system.

Breathe Essential Oil

Breathe Touch is with me anytime I go for a run or head to the YMCA.  I feel it helps me increase my endurance for workouts; I apply it over my chest before beginning.  We also use this on the bottoms of our feet (particularly the big toe) for anyone who snores – it can be super beneficial at reducing snoring at night.  I LOVE Breathe Touch for this reason!!  Breathe Touch also comes in handy during the winter months’ seasonal threats, because it is an expectorant and relaxant – we like to apply it to our feet or chest for coughs and/or runny noses.

Breathe Touch Roller

                Breathe Touch Roller

DigestZen Essential Oil

DigestZen Touch is a lifesaver at times.  I keep this in my purse for when occasional tummy troubles crop up – for myself or for my family.  This works great after a big meal, or for any time digestive support is needed (occasional constipation/diarrhea/bloating, etc.).  Our family is lucky to not suffer any major digestive issues, so we use this most often for our Havanese dog, Ivy.  Havanese are known to have delicate digestive systems, and this is certainly true for Ivy.  If she eats anything other than her grain-free dog food, she will suffer an upset tummy for days.  I apply the diluted DigestZen Touch to the pads of her feet, and she is usually back to feeling great within an hour!

BOGO – Bundle & Save

If you have an interest in this amazing BOGO offer, you can purchase it retail off my doTERRA website – or better yet – you can grab a discounted starter kit and add the BOGO on at wholesale pricing.  My favorite kit is the Home Essentials Kit (the one I started with).  Check out the savings if you purchase this kit and add on today’s BOGO!

I hope you love Frankincense as much as I do – and this BOGO or BOGT is the perfect way to give it a try and add it to your collection.  Hurry, because this offer is only good for today!

If you love and use Frankincense, Breathe or DigestZen – I would love to hear how it has helped you in the comments below!

Hugs & Health – Michelle