doTERRA BOGO 7-30-19

doTERRA BOGO 7-30-19

BOGO Buy Spearmint Essential Oil & Get Tangerine AND Lemon free!

Buy 1 doTERRA Spearmint Essential Oil and get 2 freebies – a Tangerine Essential Oil AND a Lemon Essential Oil for free!  This offer is good Tuesday, July 30, 2019 only, so hurry up and grab one (or 5 – each person can take advantage of this generous offer 5 times)!

Spearmint Essential Oil

Spearmint essential oil by doTERRA is a very handy and versatile oil.  It offers many of the same benefits as Peppermint Essential oil, but is much milder.  For this reason, kids and people who are sensitive to scents or who have sensitive skin often prefer Spearmint over Peppermint.

Spearmint Essential Oil is often used for soothing the digestive tract and reducing occasional stomach upset.  We like to diffuse it on car rides to prevent motion sickness and help everyone feel their best.  Spearmint also helps you feel energized and alert, so is also great for the driver.  I like to apply it to the back of my neck after lunch, when I often feel tired, or before heading into a meeting at work.


Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine essential oil is my personal favorite to drink in my water; I LOVE the taste, so it encourages me to drink more water.  Drinking tangerine in my water has


the added health benefit of supporting healthy digestion and metabolism – yes please!  It is also a powerful cleanser and purifier, so aids in detoxifying the body when ingested.  I also like to make my own cleaning products with water, vinegar and adding in a citrus oil such as tangerine – which also helps y house smell wonderful.  My homemade cleaners are non-toxic, effective and much less expensive than commercial cleaning products.

I like to combine Spearmint and Tangerine to energize me and uplift my mood.  I often diffuse this combination in my classroom and on long car rides.  I keep a rollerball blend of these two in my purse, and apply to the back of my neck whenever I am feeling tired or that my mood needs a lift.  The scent is heavenly!

Spearmint is also great to cook with.  I add a drop or two to many summer salads such as fruit salad and Tabbouleh or Quinoa Salads.  It is also delicious in summer drinks such as mojitos, Moscow mules and to spice up seltzer water.   Really, you can add a drop of the essential oil spearmint to any dish or drink you would add fresh mint to.  I like to use the “toothpick method” where you stick a toothpick into your bottle of Spearmint, and then place the toothpick in the dish you are preparing.  Stir and taste until you get the desired flavor!

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is undoubtedly the essential oil we use the most of in our house.  Both my husband and I drink Lemon in our water daily.  It helps to rid our body’s of toxins by naturally and gently cleansing the body and also aiding in healthy digestion.  Lemon is also known to support healthy immune and respiratory systems.  All of the citrus oils help to uplift mood, and lemon is one of my favorites to diffuse and apply to my wrists like a perfume.  When applying citrus oils topically, remember to use sunscreen if heading outside – citrus oils are photosensitive!

Lemon is my favorite oil to clean with, also.  I make most of my cleaning products with lemon, and sometimes add in another citrus oil (such as tangerine) for the pleasant scent.  I clean my garden fruits and veggies with lemon oil as well.  Simply fill a sink full of water, add a few drops of lemon oil and let your product soak for 1/2 hour.  Lemon oil also works great on stains in clothing, carpet or wherever.  You can add a drop to a stain, rub it in, and the stain will usually disappear.  Lemon oil also removes sticky residues, so works great on price tags and the sticky remains after removing them.  You can see why we go through a lot of lemon oil at our house – the uses are endless.

How To Purchase This BOGO:  

Lemon Essential Oil by doTERRA is also inexpensive at only $11 wholesale or $14.67 retail.  Adding this essential oil to my water is much cheaper than buying lemons and cutting them up for my water.  There are 250 drops in each 10 ml bottle, so I can get 125-250 glasses of lemon flavored water for $11!  Plus, no mess of cutting up the lemons and keeping them fresh.  This is also much easier when traveling.  Making my own cleaning products with lemon and vinegar also saves me tons of money.

If you wish to purchase Tuesday, July 30th’s BOGO – click here:  This will add Spearmint Essential Oil to your cart at the retail price of $37.33.  When your checkout on July 30, 2019 – the system will automatically pop the free Tangerine and Lemon oil into your cart.  It’s that simple.  You can purchase up to 5 of these Buy One, Get Two Free Offers from doTERRA.  They make great gifts and/or you can stock up for yourself.

If you would rather become a wholesale customer to keep saving in the future, you can purchase this special offer here:  You can then purchase this offer for $63 dollars, but you will enjoy a 25% discount on anything else from doTERRA for the next year.  You can add in up to 4 more of this BOGT offer at the wholesale price of $28 (compared to $37.33 retail).

Remember, this offer is only good on Tuesday, July 30, 2019.  If you wish to take advantage and need help, feel free to reach out.  I am always happy to help!  I plan to purchase the 5 I am allowed – I love a good sale, and love all three of these versatile essential oils.  Happy Shopping!

Hugs & Health – Michelle