Brave Essential Oil Kid’s Blend by doTERRA is one of my very favorite scents (and yes, I am an adult).  It is soft, delicate and uplifting and quite simply delightful!  Brave “Courage Blend” is comprised of Amyris, Cinnamon, Osmanthus Extract, and Wild Orange essential oils prediluted for kids with Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO).

I recently read in my daily devotional that we should strive to do one outrageous thing that no one would expect from us each week.  I have also heard life coach’s say we should do one thing every day that scares us.  “Success resides right outside of your comfort zone” is a quote I have often heard at trainings.  What these sayings mean to me is that if we truly desire to be successful, we have to commit to doing whatever it takes.  This often means learning a new skill, approaching people with our ideas and can even include public speaking.  All of these tasks can feel intimidating, and especially for those of us who have a fear of rejection (and who doesn’t have a fear of rejection)?

Doing an outrageous or uncomfortable act requires some courage, and I find doTERRA’s Brave Blend to be helpful.  I like to apply over my heart and to my inner wrists and elbows and then inhale the scent a few times.  This oil helps to create a confident, courageous atmosphere.  Typically, I start my day with a prayer, review my vision board and then affirm some positive mantras.  It’s helpful to apply my Brave oil prior to my morning self-care ritual.

Brave oil has also been helpful for my son, Danny.  He tends to get anxious or nervous in new situations, and this oil helps him feel confident.  He performs in adaptive cheer, adaptive dance and many adaptive sports.  While he always enjoys them after he gets there, he is often nervous about going.  He like to apply Brave to his palms and breath the scent in, and he likes to “do it himself”.  I love that these liquid gems help to empower him to try new things and live his best life.

If you need a little courage or encouragement, I hope you will give this Brave Courage blend a try.  If you are looking to empower your kids with essential oils, I highly recommend the entire Kid’s Collection of 7 pre-diluted oils formulated especially for kids.  The Kid’s Collection of essential oils contains Thinker Focus Blend, Calmer Restful Blend, Rescuer Soothing Blend, Stronger Protective Blend, Tamer Digestive Blend, Steady Grounding Blend and the Brave Courage Blend.  It comes in a handy silicone case, with silicone carabiners (that kids can hook on their backpack or through their belt loops) and with flash cards to remind kids how to use their oils.  It would make a lovely gift for any family.

Hugs & Health – Michelle