If you love the smell of Christmas, and dislike synthetic fragrances, this is the article for you!  I truly LOVE the pine, vanilla and cinnamon spice scents of Christmas; however, I have gotten rid of all candles, wax warmers, potpourri, etc. from our home.  Essential oils put in our diffuser, on a diffuser ornament or made into a room spray are the way we scent our home for the holidays healthfully!

Christmas Tree Scent Naturally

Essential Oil Pine Tree Scent

Essential Oil Diffuser Ornament

My favorite pine scents are Siberian Fir essential and doTERRA’s Holiday Peace blend.  I like to put them on diffuser ornaments and hang them from our artificial tree.  My oldest is allergic to pine trees, so we cannot get the scent from a real tree.  Siberian Fir combined with Holiday Peace on a couple of beautiful clay ornaments gives our home that fresh Christmas tree scent, and they look beautiful, too.  Fir essential oils and blends also help you feel calm and peaceful by reducing feelings of stress, in addition to scenting your home beautifully!

Christmas Spice Scent Naturally

Holiday Joy & OnGuard Room Spray

Essential Oil Holiday Room Spray

My favorite cinnamon spice scents are Holiday Joy and OnGuard essential oil blends. Holiday Joy is available only seasonally, and has already sold out for 2021.  It is a blend created specifically for that holiday baking scent, and also helps boost your immune system.  OnGuard also offers a warm, spicy scent that reminds me of “Christmas In A Bottle” and helps to clean the air and support a healthy immune system.  I typically run these in a diffuser or make a room spray by adding 10-20 drops to a spray bottle combined with a dash of witch hazel and then filled to the top with water.  Not only does this scent your home healthfully, cleanse the air, and support your immune system — it will also save you money over traditional room sprays.

Christmas Vanilla Scent Naturally

Vanilla has long been a favorite scent of mine, and probably the toughest scent to recreate since I gave up candles.  doTERRA introduced a sustainable source of Madagascar Vanilla Essential Oil in 2021, and I couldn’t love it more!  I love this scent paired with Holiday Joy or Holiday Peace, and one of these combos are running daily in our house this holiday season.  Madagascar Vanilla is delightful on its own or paired with just about any scent you like.  One of my favorite combos is Vanilla, Frankincense and Holiday Joy.  I also love Vanilla paired with anything spicy like OnGuard, Clove or Harvest Spice.

Christmas-Scented Essential Oil Sale

Free Essential Oils With Purchase

Free Essential Oils With Purchase

doTERRA released a new holiday scent on December 1st, called Holiday Love.  It’s FREE along with a 5 mL Frankincense and 5 mL Myrrh with any 200 pv (point value) order in December.  YAY — I LOVE free stuff.  If you take advantage of doTERRA’s loyalty program called LRP and process the same 200 pv order prior to 12/16, you will also get a free Clove oil and pinecone ornament (which pairs well with Madagascar Vanilla, Holiday Peace and/or Frankincense).

Essential Oils For New Oilers

You can take advantage of earning these freebies whether you are a new or existing customer.  My recommendation on what to order if you are new is my favorite starter kit for new oilers called the Home Essentials Kit.  It contains the Top 10 oils to support you physically, emotionally plus a 10+ hour diffuser.  If you add in the value of the free Frankincense, Myrrh and Holiday Love the value truly can’t be beat.  You can keep and use all for your family, or split the oils into many different gifts.

The holiday season of 2021 is upon  us, and I am so looking forward to it.  Truthfully, it’s been a tough year, and I love the spirit of peace that comes with the meaning of Christmas.  I hope you enjoy some of these healthy recipes to scent your home, and I wish you a joyous holiday season with your loved ones.

Hugs & Health – Michelle