Grief pops into our lives when we least expect it.  I learned today that my uncle passed away, and that my nephew and his wife suffered a miscarriage.  Having had several miscarriages myself, I had an immediate feeling of loss.  When you lose a loved one, it triggers that feeling of loss you’ve experienced with each loved one gone too soon.  What started out as a happy, sunny day quickly turned into a sad, grief-stricken day.

Console Comforting Essential Oil Blend

There is really nothing that takes grief away instantly.  Grief is a sign that we felt deep love, and it’s part of life to lose people and to grieve.  However, that doesn’t make it any easier.  I was introduced to Console Essential Oil from doTERRA about 4 years ago.  Initially, I didn’t care for the scent.  When I experience a loss that changes, and the scent becomes appealing, to the point I can’t get enough of it.

doTERRA’s Console Oil, also known as their comforting blend, is comprised of Frankincense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Labdanum, Amyris, Sandalwood, Rose and Osmanthus essential oils.  I like to diffuse this blend when the need arises, and also apply it topically to my pulse points.  I reapply often, and think of it like a perfume.  Today, I also put a few drops on a diffuser necklace to keep the scent near.  While nothing takes away grief, I do find that this makes grief manageable.

Prayer And Meditation

Despite receiving these texts, I still had to work.  I was actually on with a student virtually when I received the news about my uncle.  As soon as I finished with that session, I immediately began to pray.  Prayer and speaking to my heavenly father is the most comforting thing I can think of when suffering a loss.  Today, I just couldn’t think of the words, and decided to meditate and pray with my app Soul Space that I love.  It helped me get centered, so I could carry on with my next student and take care of my son when he got home from school.

Getting my thoughts down while writing this is a form of therapy, too.  I also called and spoke with my sister, because I just needed to share with someone, and my husband is out of town on a ski trip.  This day has certainly been a tough day, but I am getting through it.  Prayer, talking to my sister and Console essential oil have been big helpers at managing my grief.  I hope you find these tips helpful, should you need them.

Hugs & Health – Michelle