Is CBD Oil Safe?

There is a lot of interest in CBD oil today, but little research to back up it’s efficacy.  More importantly, CBD is not regulated by the FDA making it difficult to know what you are purchasing when you shop for a product containing CBD oil.  In fact, you can purchase CBD oil in many forms and in many products including lotions, make-up and even pet treats!

Are these products safe?  It is difficult to determine, because the labels of these products do not have to list other added fillers or synthetics, or even the amount of CBD oil the product contains.  A small amount of CBD can make the product ineffective, and a large amount could potentially show up on a drug test or even produce a hallucinogenic effect – a risk I am not willing to take!

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba Essential Oil from doTERRA is a great alternative.  Copaiba goes through independent, third-party testing and is “CPTG” or “Certified Pure Tested Grade” and guaranteed to meet doTERRA’s rigid testing standards.  

CBD Oil Vs. Copaiba

Is Copaiba Oil as effective as CBD?  There is evidence that Copaiba is MORE effective than CBD oil, and it is usually less expensive (the cost of CBD oil varies greatly amongst companies).  

What makes them similar is the way they work in the body.  They are both considered endocannabinoids, which means they activate your cannabinoid receptors known as C-1 and C-2 receptors in your cells, but they do this with different chemical compounds.  CBD contains cannabidiol whereas copaiba contains beta-caryophyllene.

The amount of CBD needed to produce a therapeutic effect in the body is high, and again, the amount of CBD a product contains does not need to be labeled.  Copaiba essential oil is effective using 1-2 drops in the body – making is much more effective and cost-effective.

I’m sure you can tell that after doing some research, I believe Copaiba essential oil is the smarter way to go.  Copaiba is less expensive, more effective, and because of the testing practices of doTERRA – safer!

Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits

How does using Copaiba essential oil benefit the body?  Good question! Copaiba is known to boost the immune system, soothe anxious feelings, support the cardiovascular system, support digestive disorders, provide antioxidant support, ease discomfort, and help promote clear skin.  

Copaiba can be used all three ways in the body – topically (dilute for sensitive skin, children and pets), aromatically and internally.  I like to diffuse it to promote restful sleep and take it internally on a daily basis to support my immune system and help me relax. I have many customers who have used it successfully for soothing sore muscles.

Bundle and Save

Giving Copaiba essential oil a try may just be the health boost you have been looking for.  You can purchase a 15 ml bottle of this essential oil for $46.67 retail ($35 wholesale) or in a convenient softgel for $42.67 retail ($32 wholesale) for 60 soft-gels.  

If you are ready to feel better, let’s get this marvelous essential oil into your home.  I have “bundled” it for you with my “pain relief” starter plan (most popular bundle) to make it more effective, easier to use and less expensive!  Try it and you will be sent detailed instructions on how to best use this trio for effective pain relief!  Pain Relief Bundle:   

Muscle Discomfort Relief Bundle contains:

Pain Relief Bundle

The doTERRA Essentials Guide Book, Deep Blue Rub, Frankincense Touch and Copaiba Soft-gels for only $144.50!!

Have you used Copaiba essential oil successfully?  Please share your success stories in the comments!

Yours In Health,

Michelle Caron