Daily exercise is truly great for your health!  We all know this; however, many people in the U.S. don’t workout on a regular basis.  There are many obstacles/reasons why people don’t including expense of belonging to a gym, transportation/time to get to a gym, pain or soreness, intimidation of working out in front of others or trying a group exercise class and even knowing the correct way to workout.  My goal is to encourage people to move their body’s daily!

Obstacles to Regular Workouts

Finding a workout buddy, and finding a workout you love is critical for making exercise consistent.  During the pandemic, my workout buddy and I grew tired of our at-home workouts when the gyms closed.  We created a workout boardgame on posterboard and began playing it with family and friends, and everybody LOVED it.  The feedback was it made working out fun, and we came up with the name Fit N Fun Games because our goal was to help people have fun while working out!  With the help of the SBDC (Small Business Development Center) at UW River Falls, we have produced the game and made it available for everyone to enjoy with their family/friends.

Fit N Fun Games Creates Consistent Workouts 

Fit N Fun Games is designed to get people off their phones, and working out with friends/family (although you can play the boardgame by yourself).  Our first edition is a Bootcamp edition (don’t let the term bootcamp scare you — we offer demonstrations of each exercise plus modifications on our website).  It is a well-rounded workout including cario, strength and core exercises.  We will offer other editions soon including a Yoga/Pilates, School and Senior editions.  The Bootcamp Edition is available for pre-sale with a 10% discount and orders will begin to ship out domestically in December of 2023 (just in time for holiday gifts and New Year’s Resolutions).

Natural Solutions For Pain From Working Out

Fit N Fun Games addresses all of the obstacles, except for pain and soreness while working out.  However, don’t worry, I have some help for that, as well!  doTERRA has some great products to help reduce inflammation and ease sore muscles — and they work great preventatively, too.  My favorites are Deep Blue Rub, Deep Blue Stick + Copaiba, Deep Blue Polyphenol Supplements and a Copaiba Touch Roller.  I like to apply the Copaiba roller to areas of soreness (before and/or after a workout), then apply the Deep Blue Stick, and then the Deep Blue Rub.  This is known as layering and helps the oil absorb deeper into the muscles/tissues for effective relief.

Bundle & Save

If you want to try them, I have bundled them for you here.  My referral link gives you a free 25% discount on this purchases and any future purchases in the next year (no obligation to purchase more).  You can remove/add any item from doTERRA that you choose.  The Deep Blue products are amazing, and were blended together specifically to offer relief and prevent muscle soreness.  The Copaiba Oil is the essential oil version of CBD, and while not from the same plant, works the same in your body.

I hope that this motivates and inspires you to workout on a regular basis.  We have an epidemic of obesity in our country, and we hope this gets people off their phones and spending time working out with family and friends.  Daily exercise is key to aging healthfully both physically and emotionally.  If you ever need a workout buddy — just PM me — I LOVE to workout with others (inperson or even over Facetime or Zoom:)


Hugs & Health – Michelle