Get Lucky Run

Get Lucky Run

I have had a workout buddy for over a decade.  Sherry and I worked out at our local gym where we weekly did Bootcamp, Body Pump and ran together.  In fact, people often confused us, and weren’t sure which of us was Michelle and which of us was Sherry.  We both preferred classes – working out with others to fun music.  Knowing we had to meet each other at the gym at a specific time for a class motivated us to go, even we didn’t feel like working out.

When Covid hit, and gyms shut down, we really missed our group exercise classes and workout buddies.  We continued to workout together almost daily at home and got our kids working out with us for their at home gym credits, as well.

Exercise Must Be Enjoyable

Our bootcamp instructor, Angie, always made bootcamp fun.  We usually played games and they were challenging hard workouts, but with a fun, competitive nature.  She turned many everyday board games into hard workouts.  We tried to recreate many of these games at home, so that we had a workout to do while the gym was closed.  We never dreamed it would be for such a long time.

We began to get bored of doing the same workouts and decided to create a Bootcamp workout of our own.  It took us a couple of months to create a game we liked.  We invited different friends to play/workout with us and got their feedback. We have now tweaked it into something we love!

Making Our Dream A Reality

We dreamed of turning our workout game into reality, and called the UW-River Falls Small Business Development Center to chat about the possibility.  We spoke with Karen, who told us it was a unique niche and she thought we could truly develop, produce and market our workout game.  We came up with the name Fit N Fun Games, because we want to encourage people to get fit and have fun doing it!

Our next step was to enlist more people to workout and try our game and get feedback.  It has been SO fun connecting with our workout buddies again, and we have valued their feedback.

Next, we partnered with Greg Lynch, a grade school friend of my husband’s who has years of experience bringing merchandise to market.  He got a video shoot lined up, and we asked Angie to demonstrate the exercises safely and offer modifications.

Small Business Owners

We are now in the process of getting a board finalized with a graphic designer, and then will get quotes on getting the board printed.  Our website is also in the works.  While this process has been a lot of new projects for us, I have enjoyed learning along the way.

We are working on several other version of our board game including a Yoga and Dance edition.  No matter the version you are playing, the challenge cards really make the game a challenging workout and add a level of fun and competition.

Our Progress

Follow along on our journey to producing our workout boardgames on Instagram or Facebook.  Whether you enjoy working out solo or with a friend or group, our fitness games are sure to be a hit.  We hope you enjoy working out with Fit-N-Fun with your friends, classmates, sports teams, family and even by yourself as much as we do!


Hugs & Health – Michelle & Sherry