Essential oils have been a blessing to our family, and we have incorporated them throughout our home and in our daily lives.  I challenge (or encourage) you to set an intention to learn more and establish some daily healthy habits using your essential oils to get the results you want for yourself and your family.  You have probably heard the saying by motivational speaker John Maxwell, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret to your success is found in your daily routine”.

Change Your Habits

Little habits done daily can really add up to powerful change.  While essential oils can be wonderful, I feel it’s important to set some realistic goals around all aspects of daily habits that lead to enjoying good health.  And it’s always good to remember the 80/20 rule.  Eighty percent of the time do what you know is best, and 20% of the time do what you want.  When we set unrealistic expectations of 100%, we set ourselves up for failure.  Just because you skip a daily habit one day, does not mean we should give up.  We attribute it to our 20%, give ourselves grace and try again tomorrow!

Daily Health Habits

  1. Exercise:  Move your body 20 minutes/day.
  2. Nutrition:  Eat Real Food (foods that are ingredients not foods that HAVE ingredients).
  3. Water:  Shoot for 75 ounces of water daily.
  4. Set your Circadian Rhythm:  Get morning sunlight (if possible) and avoid blue light at night (limit screen time at night or get the blue light blocking glasses).
  5. Set an essential oil daily routine.

I am going to specifically focus on how to set a daily schedule for using your essential oils (not for any specific goals, but just for overall wellness).  I always encourage people to start small, with a few simple things.  Then you can ascertain what is working, and add more in or tweak later.  This also prevents feelings of overwhelm.

Essential Oil Basic Daily Routine

  1.  Diffuse:  Run a diffuser in your main living area during the day.  You can experiment with what oils/blends you like.  I would suggest Peppermint and Wild Orange for energizing and uplifting your household or OnGuard for immune support if you’re new to oils as great places to start.  Diffuse Lavender and Breathe in your bedroom at night.  OR start with diffusing any oils/combos of your choice!
  2. Ingest:  Try drinking a citrus oil in your water a couple of times/day.  I would suggest starting with Lemon or

    Wild Orange.  You only need 1-2 drops in a glass or stainless steel container.  Citrus oils can help to gently cleanse your body and may support healthy immune function.  An added bonus is that varying the flavor of my water encourages me to drink more water!

  3. Topical:  Apply OnGuard Essential Oil to the bottoms of your feet daily for healthy immune function (can dilute with FCO for sensitive skin, children and the elderly).  I love this blend for protecting against environmental threats and boosting our immune systems.  Using a little bit every day is optimal compared to using a lot when you feel unwell.

If you wanted to start with these essential oils, I would recommend the starter kit called Healthy Start from doTERRA.  It give you access to wholesale pricing free for 1 year, contains these oils, a diffuser plus 5 additional oils you will love!

There are so many things to focus on for health, and the amount of conflicting information available can overwhelm anyone.  I like the simplicity of this daily routine, and hope you do, too!  While there are many more aspects of good health, this is a great starting point and you can always add and build on from here. If you wanted to start with these essential oils, I would recommend the starter kit called Healthy Essentials from doTERRA.


Hugs & Health – Michelle