You are invited to our Digestive Support With Essential Oils Class on Wednesday, January 22nd at 6:15 at the Hudson Public Library in Hudson, Wisconsin.  This event is free, but we ask that you register so that we have enough supplies.  Here is the link to register:

If you are not local to the St Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota or Western Wisconsin area – we do record these classes in our private support group on Facebook.  You can request to join our group here (as long as you are not working with another doTERRA leader):

Digestive System Linked To Immune System

Did you know that over 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract?!  That might surprise you!  Taking care of your digestive system is important for taking care of your overall health, including your immune system.  I believe the saying “You are what you eat”, and that nutrition is the foundation of great health.  It makes sense to take care of the system that helps us digest and utilize the foods we eat for optimal health!


Digestive System And Emotional Health

Emotional health is also tied to your digestive tract.  When people are nervous, they often refer to having a “nervous tummy”.  They have a physical manifestation of their emotional state.  Some people feel butterflies, some people get acid reflux and some even suffer from diarrhea when they get nervous.

Digestive Disorders

There are many digestive disorders that effect people such as occasional issues of gas and bloating to stomach discomfort.  Many people seek medications or over-the-counter medications to help with the side-effects of these conditions.  This class will teach you some natural remedies that you can try.  In our house, we like to try natural first – and if that isn’t enough – then we seek medical help.

Natural Remedies For Your Digestive System

Our class will cover supplements such as digestive enzymes and probiotics, as well as essential oils that can support your digestive system.  We will have samples for you to smell and try, and reference books where we can look up oil protocols for your specific health needs. We will also talk about the importance of detox and how regular detoxing can support a healthy digestive system.

Free Itovi Scans

I will also have my Itovi Scanner – a device that reads the bioimpedances in your body – and then gives you an individualized report of what essential oil and supplements infused with essential oils would best benefit your body.  Anyone in attendance can have a scan at no charge – including spouses and kids.  Many people bring their children to our library classes.  We hold them in the large conference room, which overlooks the children’s library (so you can keep an eye on your kids as they play or choose their books).

Itovi Scanner

          Itovi Scanner

I love teaching about natural remedies including essential oils, and always look forward to our monthly library class.  If you have a topic you would like us to cover, please leave your suggestions in the comments.  Hope to see you there!

Hugs & Health,

Michelle Caron