Essential oils — most people think they smell delightful, but can the scent really benefit your health?  YES!  Let me explain in simple terms the science behind how aromatic use of essential oils can effect your body.

Olfactory Nerve

Pinch your nose right above the bridge – buried deep beneath that is your olfactory nerve.  This olfactory nerve sends signals or messages directly to the limbic system of your brain.  Your limbic system controls emotion, memory, learning and motivation.  It is able to send messages all over the body quite rapidly and is highly involved in our behavioral and emotional responses.

Limbic System

When you breathe in the scent of an essential oil, it goes directly to your olfactory bulb, which then transports the scent to the limbic system of the brain where it then gets dispersed throughout your body.  An example – when you need anesthesia for a surgery or procedure – how do they administer the anesthesia?  A mask gets placed over your face where you breathe in synthetic compounds that put you to sleep – usually before you can count to 10.  Essential oils work just as quickly when inhaled – usually within 30 seconds.

Aromatic Use Of Essential Oils

Scents offer trigger memories and emotions.  My Grandma’s house holds many special and cherished memories.  Certain scents can put me right back there.  In face, my sister found a soap a few years ago that smelled just like the soap my Grandma used.  I LOVE that soap!  Realtors know that the scent of home-baked bread, citrus fruits or fresh herbs can entice someone to make an offer on a house, and they often scent homes before showings.  Smell is one of our post powerful senses, and essential oils when inhaled can have a profound effect on our physical and emotional health!


Aromatic use of essential oils is probably my favorite way to use them, and certainly the easiest for a new essential oiler.  Diffusers are a great way to use essential oils aromatically – and an added bonus–the scent benefits everyone in the room (people and pets).  My two favorite diffusers from doTERRA are the Lumo Diffuser and the new Brevi Diffuser.  They both can run for 10 hours intermittently or 5 hours straight and offer multiple light settings (including no light and alternating colors).

My biggest issue for many years was sleep – or lack of sleep.  I think the stress of being a special needs parent to a child who was chronically sick is what initiated my sleep issues.  Menopause certainly compounded my sleep problem.  There are many essential oils that have helped me get better sleep.  doTERRA’s new Adaptiv Oil (which is designed for helping ease stress and tension) is my new favorite sleeping oil.  I have been sleeping all night, 8 hours, without even waking to use the bathroom since diffusing this oil at night — incredible!!!

Diffuser Jewelry

Diffuser jewelry is another great and inexpensive way to use essential oils aromatically.  You can purchase diffuser necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches from many online websites or local coops.  I have several diffuser necklaces and bracelets (some with felt pads and some with lava stones, and they all work great.  You can also apply essential oils to your hair, and the scent will remain for several hours acting as a diffuser.

The least expensive and easiest way of all to use essential oils aromatically is to simply open the cap of your doTERRA essential oil and breathe in the scent.  This is great for when you are in a hurry, or want to see if you enjoy a scent.  I often do this with Peppermint Essential Oil before I leave in the morning.  It helps to wake me up, leaving me energized for my day!

Emotional Support With Essential Oils

Emotions are strongly impacted by breathing in the scent of essential oils.  doTERRA makes an Emotional Aromatherapy Kit of 6 oils that are sure to help with whatever emotional issues you need supported.  This kit contains 6 oils (Cheer, Console, Forgive, Motivate, Passion and Peace).  Their names are helpful at guiding you to which oil might be best for you.  I often give out Console to someone who recently lost a loved one.  While it doesn’t take away the grief, it does help manage your grief.  My favorite of these is Passion Essential Oil – doTERRA’s Inspiring Blend.  I diffuse this in my home office when I want to be creative or productive, and also wear it as a perfume — because I LOVE the scent!

If you have always wondered how simply breathing in the scent of a pure essential oil could benefit your health, I hope you have found this helpful.  Try if for yourself, and you will FEEL a difference.  Make sure the essential oil is doTERRA brand, so you can trust that it will be pure and therapeutic, and then you WILL feel a difference.

Hugs & Health – Michelle