doTERRA had their annual convention called Evolve Connection in September, and introduced some new products I am super excited to use in our home in Hudson, Wisconsin.  I am going to show all of the new oils/products and highlight a few special things about each one.  Hopefully, you will find this helpful in deciding if you wish to purchase the discounted convention kit (limit 1 per person) to get all of the new products, or pick and choose select products to order.


New Items Launching October 1st:

New doTERRA Essential Oils

5 mL Tulsi (Holy Basil):    supports your immune system, easy breathing, oral hygiene & clear skin.
5 mL Madagascar Vanilla:  provides a welcoming environment, perfume/personal aroma, great in drinks.  I LOVE the scent of vanilla, and am happy to have a safer alternative than vanilla candles for our home.
10 mL Copaiba Touch:  pre-diluted for topical use to support your nervous system, ease worries, promote restful sleep and clear skin.
15 mL Abōde:  think green cleaning and immune support for your home.  Effective and toxin-free!

Essential Oil Infused Products

On Guard Chewable Tablets 60 count:  support your immune system with OnGuard Essential Oil, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and Beta-Glucan — they taste GREAT, too (so kids will eat them)!
Deep Blue Stick+ Copaiba:  LOVE this mess-free formula of Deep Blue Oil which helps relieve minor aches & pains from arthritis, bruises, sprains & strains paired with Copaiba for enhanced absorption.

Essential Oil Cleaning & Personal Care Products   

Green Cleaning Made Easy

Green Cleaning Made Easy

Abōde Multi-Purpose Spray 1 oz. Concentrate:  Great for cleaning every surface in your home.
Abōde Foaming Citrus Bloom Hand Wash Concentrate 8 oz. Refill:  Delightful smelling because it’s infused with my favorite oil blend, Citrus Bloom, toxin-free yet effective hand-wash. (not available until late October except in the kit).
Abōde Hand Lotion 10 oz. refill package:  I am a lotion addict, and definitely approve of this Abode lotion infused with Citrus Bloom.  It is very moisturizing without feeling greasy and will leave your hand feeling soft.
Abōde Dish Soap 16 oz. aluminum bottle:  A plant-based, toxin-free formula with the Abode refreshing blend plus Grapefruit Essential Oil to remove tough grease stains.  This comes in an eco-friendly aluminum bottle.
Abōde Dishwasher Pods 24 count:  Infused with the Abode blend, these dishwasher pods are the perfect way to keep your dishes sparkling clean naturally.
Abōde Laundry Pods 45 count:  These laundry pods infused with essential oils will leave your clothes looking and smelling clean and fresh.  The natural power of enzymes will help remove stains with none of the harsh chemicals in most laundry pods.

Special/Limited-Time Offers Available October 1st:

15 mL Hygge Cozy Blend:  It’s called the Cozy Blend for a reason!  This blend is designed to help you feel warm, comforted, at peace and cozy.  It makes any room feel more welcoming.  You will LOVE this blend!
Hygge Diffuser with 15 mL Hygge Cozy Blend:  Fun new diffuser paired with the Cozy Blend! (Diffuser not available until later in October).
Sensitive Carrier Oil:  Perfect for your face and for those with sensitive skin.
Body Carrier Oil:  A great alternative to Fractionated Coconut Oil for diluting your essential oils!

Eco-Friendly Products

doTERRA has been working hard to make their products eco-friendly, and reduce their carbon footprint.  The new Abode line is comprised of concentrates so that doTERRA is not shipping large amounts of water across country.  They also came up with a line of truly beautiful bottles for your new doTERRA cleaning products that you will be proud to display in your home.  I got mine last week, and LOVE them.  They would go with about any décor, and are also high quality.  The set comes with a glass dispenser for the hand wash, hand lotion, all-purpose spray and dishwashing liquid.  The dishwashing liquid dispenser comes with a pump or spout.  I love that these cleaning products and dispensers are good for us and good for the earth!  Available as an add-on to the Convention Kit October 1, or later in October without the kit (as more product becomes available).


Glass Cleaner Bottles

Glass Cleaner Bottles- SO BEAUTIFUL

How To Order

doTERRA really outdid themselves with their new products for 2021.  Many of us wellness advocates have been asking for easy-to-use green-cleaning products, and I’m so happy to have products I can trust.  If you wish to take advantage of the entire kit, you can do so with this link with the 25% wholesale savings (even better — the typical $35 wholesale fee for newbies is waived).
If you already have a doTERRA wholesale account, you can add them to your LRP cart for even greater savings (or place as a 1-time standard order) with your 25% wholesale discount.  I wouldn’t delay ordering, because I predict they will sell out within days.  I hope you love these new healthy additions when you get them in your home as much as we do!
Hugs & Health – Michelle