BOGO week with doTERRA is one of my favorite times of the year, and this year’s generous lineup from doTERRA is a crowd-pleaser.  I love a good sale, and this year they are also allowing people to get free shipping, in addition to the freebies.  Rather than a separate pairing each day of the week, you can purchase any of the pairings (limit of 5 of each pairing) the day they become available Thursday, November 16, through Tuesday, November 21 2023 (while supplies last).

BOGO Pairings

•Buy Roman Chamomile 5 mL get Madagascar Vanilla 5 mL. FREE Wholesale $50 | 50 PV | $38 savings
•Buy Lavender 15 mL get Peppermint 15 mL.  FREE Wholesale $28 | 28 PV | $25 savings
•Buy Copaiba Softgels get On Guard Softgels. FREE Wholesale $35.50 | 33 PV | $29 savings
•Buy Adaptiv Calming Blend Capsules get Balance 15 mL. FREE Wholesale $39.95 | 30 PV | $24 savings
•Buy On Guard 15 mL get Breathe 15 mL. FREE Wholesale $38 | 38 PV | $28 savings

Essential Oil Uses 

  1. Roman Chamomile:  one of my favorite oils for calm feelings and deep sleep (think of Chamomile tea).  I love this in a diffuser at bedtime or applied to my pulse points.
  2. Madagascar Vanilla:  I have always loved the scent of vanilla, and used to burn vanilla candles like crazy (until I learned of the toxins in most candles).  I like to wear vanilla as a perfume, and use in baking and my morning bulletproof coffee.
  3. Lavender:  ALL THE THINGS!!!  REALLY!!  I use Lavender daily for calming my senses, calming my skin (bug bites, rashes, cuts, scrapes, burns, acne, rashes), in my diffuser for sleep and anytime I have a reaction (lavender is nature’s anti-histamine).
  4. Peppermint:  ALL THE THINGS!!!  REALLY!!  I use Peppermint daily — I put a drop in my hands and cup and inhale to wake up and feel energized.  I use this in my DIY Green Cleaning products, to repel pests/bugs, for tummy upset, for head tension, for focus & energy, and in my diffuser.  LOVE LOVE
  5. Copaiba Softgels:  Compare to CBD Oil — but from a healthier, sustainable, less expensive version.  This BOGO contains the oil in a softgel form.  Great for anxiety, sleep, pain, cardiovascular health, and digestion.  I use internally and topically.  This is also an oil enhancer, which means when you combine it with any other oil, it simply strengthens the benefits!
  6. OnGuard Softgels:  Think immune support in a bottle — we use daily in the winter when threats are higher.
  7.  Adaptiv Capsules:  A capsule to help you feel relaxed, calm and happy.  GREAT for those who suffer from nervous feelings.
  8. Balance:  Known as the grounding blend, this is Danny’s favorite oil to help him relax and try new situations he is nervous about.  One of the only calming oils that isn’t floral, so men tend to like this.  Although, it’s truly one of my favorite scents!
  9. OnGuard:  The Immune support oil — we use topically daily to boost our immune system (you’ve all heard my testimonial about the turnaround in Danny’s health), internally under our tongue when we feel something coming on, and diffuse in the winter to protect us from threats in the air (and because it smells like Christmas in a Bottle).  Also, like to use in my DIY Green Cleaners.
  10. Breathe:  This oil does exactly what it’s name says — helps you breathe easy!  Great in a diffuser paired with Lavender for restful sleep.  Lavender for calming and Breathe for respiratory support (and to prevent SNORING).  Great for allergies, asthma, coughs, colds, etc.

How To Purchase BOGO’s

If you are already a doTERRA customer, order through your wholesale account (reach out to me or your wellness advocate for help).  If you are new, you can order through this link and get FREE wholesale pricing for 1 year.  IF your order gets to 100, you will get free shipping.  IF your order gets to 150, you will also get a FREE Pebble diffuser.  AMAZING deal on basics I use daily — time to stock up for holiday gift-giving and to keep you feeling healthy, calm and strong all winter!

Link To Purchase

If you are new, you can use this link to purchase one of each BOGO (or remove any you don’t want and add more of any you want more of.  The way I have the cart set, you would qualify for ALL the FREEBIES (5 essential oils/products, shipping, Pebble Diffuser and 1-year 25% discount).  Reach out if you have questions or need help ordering!


Hugs & Health – Michelle