Essential oils are an investment to bring into your home, and November 2021 is a great time for new oilers  to get started with doTERRA!  Personally, I would argue that after your initial investment essential oils save you money; however, you first need to learn how to use them, and some simple DIY’s for that to happen.  I would LOVE to be your guide, and help you get started using essential oils in your home.

Essential Oil Starter Kits

There are four discounted kits to choose from, ensuring there will be a great starting point for your needs and budget.  I will highlight my two favorites for new oilers to begin with.

Cura Collection: This kit is designed  to help you lessen your exposure to toxins in your home, and takes away the guesswork.  This collection comes in a beautiful case with instructions on how to use each product.  In fact, Cura means “care” and this kit will help you care for your home safely, while eliminating the guesswork.  Many household products contain harmful synthetics and fragrances, and it can be tough to discover which products are safe.  doTERRA’s Cura Collection provides you with safe, natural alternatives.

Cura Kit Contents:

  • Deep Blue Soothing Blend 5 mL and Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex:  Provides soothing relief to joints and muscles and relieves occasional discomfort.
  • Correct-X Essential Ointment: Soothe the skin and enhance skin rejuvenation after distress.
  • PastTense Tension Blend 15 mL: Create a calming and soothing atmosphere when diffused, and helps to ease tension when applied topically.
  • Frankincense 5 mL: Soothes the skin, supports cells and eases feeling of overwhelm.  My personal FAVORITE oil, and one I use daily!
  • DigestZenSoftgelsDigestZen TerraZyme, and Peppermint Beadlets: Support healthy digestion effectively and naturally, whether it’s occasional stomach upset or indigestion .  And, digestive support designed for the littles in your life =  Tamer Digestive Blend 10 mL.
  • doTERRA Breathe Vapor Stick: Apply topically over the chest for a cooling, comforting vapor and to support clear, easy breathing.
  • doTERRA On Guard Protecting Throat Drops: Support the immune system and soothe the throat.  My husband LOVES these!
  • Lavender 5 mL: Calm the skin and nervous system, and diffuse to promote restful sleep and and soothe tense feelings.
  • doTERRA Serenity Restful Complex Softgels: Support restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

The Home Essentials Collection is my favorite starter kit, probably because it is what I chose 7 years ago.  I still think it’s one of the best decisions I have made for my family!  It contains 10 of the most-used essential oils for physical and emotional needs plus a 10-hour diffuser (the easiest way for a new oiler to use essential oils).  You can learn more about why I LOVE this kit here.  I love that the kit is discounted 20% off for the holiday season, making it the perfect gift.  Whether you gift the entire collection, or give single bottles as stocking stuffers, your friends and family will be delighted!

Home Essentials Kit Contents:

  • Peppermint 15 mL:  promote digestive health and clear breathing.
  • Lemon 15 mL:  diffuse to cleanse and purify the air, and uplift your mood.
  • Deep Blue 5 mL:  Soothe tired, sore muscles and use in a massage.
  • Lavender 15 mL:  Calming for the skin and the senses to unwind for sleep.
  • Adaptiv 15 mL:  It’s referred to as the calming blend, because it helps ease the mind and soothe away stress.
  • Copaiba 15 mL:  The essential oil often compared to CBD oil (but doesn’t come from the cannibis plant) because it soothes anxious feelings, promotes restful sleep, eases digestion and areas of discomfort, and supports a healthy immune and cardiovascular system
  • doTERRA Balance 15 mL:  Helps ground you and provide a feeling of relaxation and can ease stress.
  • doTERRA Breathe 15 mL:  Support easy breathing and maintain clear airways.
  • doTERRA On Guard 15 mL:  Protect against environmental threats and support a healthy immune system.
  • doTERRA DigestZen 15 mL:  Promote healthy digestion by reducing occasional feelings of stomach upset, bloating and gas.
  • Petal Diffuser:  My favorite diffuser, because it is simple, beautiful and functional.  You can run it for a set period of time (2 or 6 hours) or intermittently for up to 10 hours to last all night or day.  The light settings are customizable and/or you can have no light for a dark sleeping environment.

The other two starter kits on sale in November of 2021 are the Natural Solutions Kit and the Healthy Habits Kit.  The Natural Solutions Kit is perfect for the person who really wants to make-over their whole home with natural solutions.  It has personal care products, a storage box, supplements and essential oils.  At the discounted price of 20% off, it is the perfect time to start for those who truly want to go “all-in”.

The Healthy Habits Kit is perfect for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle through making daily healthy habits a priority and part of their routine.  This kit contains 5 important supplements, 5 everyday essential oils and a soothing Deep Blue Rub.  It’s the perfect combination for those wishing to focus on nutritional support through quality supplementation as well as begin using essential oils.

If you have been wanting to learn about and begin using essential oils for yourself and your family, NOW is the perfect time.  You can purchase them at a discounted rate, and take some time to learn about using them before the New Year 2022!

If you have questions on the best place to start for your personal goals, don’t hesitate to reach out.  I’m ALWAYS happy to help!


Hugs & Health – Michelle