doTERRA put on a webinar last night called “The Power of Healthy”.  It was advertised to “start 2021 off right with an exciting new product line review.”  We learned from leading physicians, scientists and lifestyle experts about what healthy could mean for us personally.

The Power of Healthy

This webinar did not disappoint; in fact, it did the opposite for me.  I was very impressed with the information presented, and left feeling excited and inspired to make healthy choices for myself and my family in 2021.  

doTERRA Wellness Pyramid

They began by teaching about the doTERRA Wellness Pyramid, and addressing the four rungs within our control through lifestyle choices.  They spoke in great detail about the bottom rung “Eat Right” or nutrition highlighting existing products of LLV (LifeLong Vitality) supplements, PB Assist probiotic, and TerraZyme digestive enzymes.  

doTERRA Wellness Pyramid

doTERRA Wellness Pyramid

The second rung of exercise, they stressed turning daily exercise into a fun “habit”.  Deep Blue Rub is an excellent choice for soothing sore muscles, which allows you to continue your workouts.

The third rung is rest and manage stress.  Two essential oils were highlighted to assist with this:  Balance and Serenity.  They can be diffused and applied topically.  Both oils are helpful for one feeling relaxed and calm, for sleep or simply during your day.

The fourth rung is reduce toxic load.  Dr. Hill highlighted three of his favorite oils for this (although there are many choices).  He spoke about ingesting tangerine, lemon and grapefruit in your water (out of glass, not plastic) as an easy way to help the body gently rid itself of toxins.  Grapefruit is his personal favorite.  These oils can also be diffused to help purify the air, and uplift the mood.  

Informed self-care was also mentioned.  Dr. Hill stressed using OnGuard and Frankincense daily to boost the immune system and for healthy cellular function.  The most common mistake with essential oils is not being consistent with their use.  In our house. we use both OnGuard and Frankincense topically in a rollerball daily.

New Nutritional Products

Three new nutritional products were introduced, and I am SUPER excited about them.  They are available right away, and even come conveniently bundled and discounted in a kit.  The kits are 20% off through the weekend or 1/11, and 10% off through the end of January.  Like all doTERRA products, they are well researched for just the right formulation.  Each product is non-GMO, gluten-free and are whole foods making them bioavailable to your body.  The three new products are:

  1.  Protein:  We need protein daily to build muscle, tissues and cells.  Protein also helps the body heal and repair itself.  Proteins also contain enzymes that help our cells with a healthy immune response.  doTERRA’s new protein powder comes in chocolate or vanilla flavor, and also in a Vegan formula.  
  2. Fiber:  We all need fiber daily to help regulate blood sugar, feel satiety, and promote healthy digestion.  doTERRA’s new Fiber contains prebiotic fiber which helps support a healthy gut microbiome.  
  3. Greens:  It can be difficult to get the recommended 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in daily, and even more difficult to vary which ones we are eating (especially in Wisconsin in the winter).  doTERRA’s new Greens help fill that void and contain 23+ superfoods including moringa, a newly discovered superfood.  Personally, I am the most excited to add this to my and my family’s daily routine!

Bundle & Save

New doTERRA customers can purchase a bundle called the Foundational Habits Enrollment Kit at 20% off through 1/11 and 10% off through 1/31.  This kit contains one of each of the 3 new products and is combined with doTERRA’s Healthy Habits kit for a complete nutritional wellness experience.  This kit contains the top 5 oils, top 5 supplements and a Deep Blue Soothing Muscle Rub in addition to the 3 new nutritional products.  The wholesale fee of $35 is lowered to $10 with this kit, so you will also get a 25% wholesale discount with doTERRA for the next year for only $10!!  Existing customers can purchase this kit called the Daily Habits and Nutrition Kit and it waives the $10 enrollment fee.  Both are an incredible value!  

New Year’s Cleanse Support Group

I am doing a 30-day healthy New Year’s cleanse with a group of people.  We are using the 5 supplements that come in the kits (plus a few others) to help each other establish healthy habits in 2021.  I am excited to add the 3 new nutritional products to my line-up, and plan to stock up with the 20% additional savings.  It’s not too late to join us.  The more, the merrier!  Comment below or PM me for more info on how to get started and join us in our quest for a healthy and happy 2021!


Hugs & Health – Michelle