doTERRA Together Convention 2019

doTERRA’s 2019 “Together” Convention was educational, inspirational and fun!  It is beyond description to explain what it feels like to be gathered with 30,000 like-minded, kind, natural-health minded people who simply want to help others.  It’s electric!

Even registration is fun.  If there is a line, no one is bothered by waiting.  The people working are all happy, helpful and down-right fun to talk with.  Now that I am a Gold Leader with doTERRA, I get to go to a leader line where there is no waiting and some extra perks.  We get our name badges, a backpack, a journal and a convention guide.

Next, we typically hit the swag store.  Being a Gold Leader offers advantages here, too.  There is a long line to check out of the swag store, and leaders get their own line, which is much quicker!  This year I left with a doTERRA wristlet, water bottle, long-sleeved tee shirt and some sample/travel size toothpaste and fractionated coconut oil.

New Essential Oil Products 2019

My favorite part of the convention line-up is the new product reveal, which typically takes place the first morning.  Everyone is eager to see what the new products will be, and doTERRA never disappoints.  2019 was my fourth convention, and the products were amazing!  My favorites so far!

Black Spruce Essential Oil was the first new oil introduced this year.  Black Spruce is supportive of achy muscles, calming and relaxing for your emotions and can help you reduce and manage stress.  It is thought to help you feel courageous by aiding you in overcoming fear triggered from past experiences.

Rose Essential Oil was next, and I was thrilled.  We have had the Rose in a touch rollerball, and it will be nice to have as an essential oil undiluted (although it carries a hefty price tag – $275 wholesale).  Rose is known for being beneficial to your skin by helping to balance moisture levels, even out skin tone, and to help with various skin irritations.  My hubby used it for a nasty case itching after working in our yard.  If you wish to purchase Rose Essential Oil, you would definitely want to get a wholesale account for $35 and save 25% over retail – it would save you money on just this purchase!


Yarrow/Pom Body Renewal Serum and Yarrow/Pom Cellular Beauty Complex Capsules were next, and you could hear a large cheer from the crowd.  The essential oil duo Yarrow/Pom was introduced at doTERRA’s 2018 convention and has been a favorite.  The body renewal serum helps beautify skin on your neck, chest and decolletage.  It is not recommended for use on the face, because it could clog facial pores.  The Yarrow/Pom Cellular Beauty Capsules provide powerful anti-oxidant support, promote cellular health, support healthy metabolic function, and improves skin firmness and brightness and reduces skin imperfections.  Yay!!


Tamer – a digestive blend to add to your Kid’s Collection will be a huge hit.  It will also be great for adults who don’t care for the Anise Scent/flavor in DigestZen.  Tamer can be massaged into the lower abdomen or feet after a large meal, and may ease the effects of motion sickness.  Great to keep in the car or in your child’s backpack!

Citronella will be great for use as a natural bug repellent.  It is also helpful to use in your homemade, non-toxic cleaning products and to soothe your skin or scalp.  Diffusing it can help uplift your mood and reduce stress.

Citronella Essential Oil


Celery Seed is an essential oil I have been wish for from doTERRA!  Celery juicing has been a trend for easing digestion, but is costly and inconvenient because you have to juice the celery fresh daily.  Celery seed will be so much handier, and less expensive, too!  It is known to support your digestive and nervous systems.  It can also help calm your mind and body, so is great in a diffuser (pair it with your favorite citrus or spice oil).  Celery Seed is also cleansing both internally and externally.

Peppermint Enteric Coated Softgels are also something that has been on my wish-list!  I listened to an essential oil podcast on the People’s Pharmacy several years ago, and a doctor recommended enteric coated softgels being helpful for digestive support.  The enteric coating helps the peppermint get to the area in the body where it is needed, so it could be more effective.  It is also more convenient for travel than making your own peppermint “vitamins” in a veggie capsule.  Peppermint Softgels help support healthy function of digestive system and helps reduce occasional gas, bloating, and other digestive difficulties.

Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules were next in the line-up – I couldn’t believe how awesome all of these new products were and they just kept coming.  doTERRA is the first to combine CPTG Turmeric Essential Oil and Turmeric Extract in a dual chamber capsule creating a uniquely powerful synergy of curcuminoids and and tumerones to maximize benefits and provide a healthy inflammatory response.  It may help the body fight free radicals and protect it from oxidative damage.

Last, but certainly not least, doTERRA introduced the new Adaptiv Line.  This 3-part system includes Adaptiv Calming Blend Capsules, Adaptiv Calming Blend Essential Oil and Adaptiv Calming Blend Touch Roller.  This system is designed to support mental well-being from the inside out.  The capsules help combat stress, tension and occasional anxious feelings.  They contain mood-boosting and tension-reducing essential oils along with GABA, Ahiflower and sceletium.  The calming aroma of the Adaptiv essential oil is soothing in a bath, diffuser or diluted with fractionated coconut oil in a massage.  In addition to boosting your mood, this blend also promotes feelings of tranquility and complements effective work and study.  The touch roller provides the same benefits, but is diluted for a convenient on-the-go topical application.  This Adaptive 3-part system is much-needed in our fast paced, stressful world, and I predict this will be a great product for many – in fact a favorite.

These amazing products are available in a discounted convention kit (except for the Rose Oil) for a limited time, or can be purchased individually retail or wholesale.  Wholesale accounts are the best way to go, and for $35, you can get wholesale pricing for 1 year of a 25% discount.

I hope you enjoy these new products as much as my family and I have.  Reach out if you have any questions; I would love to share more of my knowledge on the awesome products we learned about at convention.  And, I hope to see you in 2020 at doTERRA’s convention!

Hugs & Health – Michelle