doTERRA released a new APP available in the Apple App Store or in Google Play that is designed to help your meditation practice and mindfulness.  Simply search “Adaptiv”, and after purchase the content will be downloaded within 3 hours.  You will want to connect this to your doTERRA wholesale account for maximum benefit.  Perfect timing to release this app to help manage feelings of overwhelm and stress during this uncertain time.

This new app features tools to help you stay mindful and balanced, and to stay in an elevated, peaceful state of mind.  The new Adaptiv app will guide you through journaling, biofeedback metrics, and meditation for overall mental wellness.

When you pair this Adaptiv App with the doTERRA Adaptiv Trio of wellness products, you are even more set up for success!  The Adaptiv Trio contains the Adaptiv Calming Blend Capsules, the Adaptiv Calming Blend Essential Oil and the Adaptiv Touch Roller.  There is a new wholesale kit that includes the trio plus a year’s premium access to the App, and bundled together saves you money over wholesale pricing of the products sold individually.  I wrote about the health benefits of the new Adaptiv products in a previous blog post titled, “Use Your Stimulus Check To Stimulate Your Health And Jump Start An At-Home Business.”

Simply put, the feedback I have gotten on this new line of Adaptiv products is quite amazing.  While I don’t personally suffer from frequent stress, I do find that I sleep better with Adaptiv running in my diffuser (which leads me to believe maybe I am more stressed than I am aware of — especially during this uncertain time of “Safer At Home”.)  I have several clients who do suffer from more frequent feelings of stress and overwhelm that swear by this trio of health products.  I can’t wait to get their feedback on the new App, and feel it will bring a new level of comfort and ease to their lives.  The daily practice of mindfulness and meditation is a proven method of stress-relief, and the App will be a daily reminder to focus on these natural health remedies.

I have never put meditation and journaling into practice.  I started a “Gratitude Journal” and only used it consistently for about a week.  I tried a free online meditation guide, and didn’t stick with that either.  Apps on my phone that send me reminders tend to help me establish habits I complete daily.  I am hopeful that this new App will provide the reminders that will establish life-long habits for mindfulness and daily stillness that I know will benefit my health!  I will keep you updated on my progress, and would love to hear your feedback on this new App or the Adaptiv Line in the comment

Hugs & Health – Michelle