doTERRA released two new kits for May 2020 to provide inexpensive solutions during this uncertain time — the Protect Kit and the Respond Kit These two kits are specifically designed to support people’s emotional health and physical health by supporting the immune system — two things people in Hudson, Wisconsin, the Twin Cities and all over the United States are seeking.  The great news is that doTERRA also discounted these two kits 10% below wholesale pricing to help out those who are struggling financially while we are Safer At Home together.

doTERRA Protect Kit

The new Protect Kit is specifically designed to help you protect and safeguard what’s most important to you — your family!  The products in this kit will provide you the peace of mind that you have the tools to boost your immune system, protect against environmental and seasonal threats and also calm and soothe your mental state of mind.

This kit contains a 15 ml of Purify, Tea Tree and Bergamot essential oils, a 5 ml of OnGuard essential oil, an OnGuard Hand Sanitizing Spray and the new and improved Petal Diffuser (which will run for 12 hours intermittently).  This kit is perfect for new essential oil users, in that it provides the basics to get started protecting your health while also protecting your pocketbook.  At the discounted price of $125.00, it’s affordable, provides the fundamentals, and does not provide so much that it’s overwhelming to learn how to use the products.  If you are new to doTERRA, the wholesale membership fee is waived with this kit, so you can add to your collection this upcoming year and enjoy a 25% wholesale discount for free!

doTERRA Respond Kit

The new Respond Kit will help you feel confident that you can respond to any situation life throws at you with this all-natural supportive tool-kit.  Often, despite our best efforts to strengthen the body, stressors and threats creep in.   When something makes it past our defenses, you can rest assured you have simple, effective, and natural ways to respond in your home– that don’t contain any harmful side effects or addictions.  doTERRA’s CPTG essential oils are both powerful and potent, and can soothe, calm and support your body physically and emotionally.  I would not make the same claim about most brands of essential oils, and I completely trust the testing doTERRA oils go through to ensure I am supporting my family in the best way I can.  You can check out the test results of your doTERRA essential oils at

The Respond Kit contains a 5 ml of Frankincense and 15 ml bottles of Adaptiv, Breathe, Copaiba, Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint.  This is a great starter kit for anyone, or great way to restock the basics for experienced oil users.  If you don’t have a diffuser, I would consider adding a diffuser (a diffuser is the easiest way for a new oiler to use oils).  Diffusers are also great for cleansing the air, and I love that everyone in the room gets the benefit from a few drops (making it very economical).  At the discounted price of $150, you can’t find a better value to get started with the basics of essential oils!

Save Money On Your Essential Oils

The hardest part for me is deciding which of these kits to purchase.  I take advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program from doTERRA, which allows me to afford to make-over more aspects of our home with healthy options.  While both of these kits contain free wholesale pricing for newbies, they also make great options for loyalty customers — because they are discounted deeper than wholesale.  They both contain staples that we use on a daily basis, and therefore need to replenish every few months.

My hope is that many people who wish to learn about natural options to protect themselves and their families learn about and take advantage of these discounted kits that doTERRA is offering during this uncertain time.  I know you will find them beneficial, and it would truly be my honor to educate you on how to support your family’s health with these amazing natural products.

Continuing Essential Oil Education 

The continuing education offered by myself and my team can’t be beat.  I run a private support group on Facebook where we post an educational tip daily.  We offer continuing bimonthly education that offers in-depth education on a variety of topics.  I write a monthly newsletter, and also this weekly blog.  Our team also offers a two-week education on the Top 10 Oils for newbies called Oil Camp.

I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe at this uncertain time.  If I can help you support your health goals (physical and/or emotional), feel free to comment below or PM me — I am ALWAYS happy to help!

Hugs & Health – Michelle