Have you wanted to share the essential oils or doTERRA products you love with someone you love, but you don’t want to “build a downline” or “earn commissions”?  If this sounds like you, I have great news.  doTERRA just launched a new “Refer-A-Friend” program today so you can share the products with loved ones and earn doTERRA dollars to use towards future purchases, shipping, taxes or your annual membership renewal!

How It Works

It’s a simple, yet generous program.  When you sign into your doTERRA account, you will now see a personal link you can share with others.  This link allows your loved one to shop at wholesale prices for FREE (no more $35 fee for a wholesale account) for one year.  When they shop, their first purchase will automatically add 20% of what they order as doTERRA dollars to your account.  It’s a win/win for both of you.

How You Earn doTERRA Dollars

The 20% is earned on their first purchase only.  You can earn $599 in doTERRA dollars per calendar year (the maximum allowed before you would need to claim on your taxes).  You can share your link with anyone you like, as long as they don’t currently have a doTERRA wholesale account and they haven’t had a wholesale account in the past.  If they have or had a wholesale account, they would simply log into that account to shope.

Share What You Love and Get Rewarded

You basically earn cash for sharing products you love with your family and friends.  You can recommend essential oils, supplements, the new MetaPWR weight loss system, green cleaning products, skin-care products, personal care products or whatever healthy doTERRA products you love.

If you aren’t sure what to recommend to someone, I’m here to help.  You do not need to be an essential oil educator, expert or builder to earn your 20%.  Feel free to reach out with any natural health goal you are trying to help a loved one support, and I’m happy to make a recommendation.  You can still send your link and enjoy your 20% in doTERRA dollars.

If you want to learn more about this fun, generous new Refer-A-Friend program from doTERRA, you can do so here.


Hugs & Health – Michelle