Sleep is critical for life, for good health for feeling great; yet it seems to be more and more difficult for people to get a good night’s sleep in our society today.  I used to be a pretty good sleeper until menopause hit, and then a good night’s sleep became almost impossible.  I am happy to report that sleep is no longer an issue for me, in large part thanks to incorporating essential oils into my night-time routine.

New Sweet Dreams Essential Oils Kit 

doTERRA introduced targeted wellness kits last year for Immunity, Soothing Relief and Mind and Mood.  This year they added on Respiratory and now Sleep to their essential oil wellness arsenal.  This new Sleep Program makes it easy to know how to use essential oils to promote restful sleep in a step-by-step three  month program.  We are all biochemically different, so the oil(s) that work best for me for sleep, may differ from what works best for you.  However, these monthly kits will provide a number of different essential oils known to aid in sleep, so there will be a few choices to find what works best for you.  I also like to vary what oils I use in my bedtime diffuser, so my body doesn’t become accustomed to any one oil, and these kits allow for variation.

Because these kits are designed to be purchased three months in a row, they are only available through doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program.  It’s a win/win that you will receive wholesale pricing, plus earn a percentage of what you spend on these kits in free points to use towards future purchases. I will highlight what comes in each kit.  Your order will come with instructions; however, I like to provide more in-depth instructions on how to use each item in your kit after arrival.  You can expect personal instruction and attention from me until you get the results of restful sleep you desire!

Sleep Kit Month 1


Sleep Kit Month 2

Sleep Kit Month 3

If you are new to oils, you will want to begin with a more general starter kit, and then add in the Sleep Wellness Kits.  I would recommend starting with doTERRA’s new aromatherapy kit that is perfect for new oilers (and contains a few oils great to diffuse for peaceful slumber).  Here is a link to purchase:, and then you will get a free 30-minute phone consult to discuss your personal goals, how to maximize your savings, and how to sleep like a baby!

Hugs & Health – Michelle