Dry Brushing has made a resurgence due to its health and beautifying benefits for the skin.  If you’re not familiar with dry brushing it involves using a dry, stiff-bristled brush (I like one with a long handle so I can reach my back) to gently massage and exfoliate the skin.  You can pay to have this done at a spa; however, I prefer to dry brush at home daily before my shower or bath.

How To Dry Brush 

The most important thing to remember is to always brush in a circular motion towards your heart. I like to start with the bottoms of my feet and then move to the ankles and up the legs. Next move to your lower back and torso brushing in circular motions upwards toward the heart.  Then move onto the upper back and chest brushing in a circular motion downwards toward the heart.  Lastly, I brush my hands and arms.  Avoid any areas of sensitive skin such as the face and breasts.

Benefits Of Dry Brushing

The health benefits of dry brushing may include:

  • Exfoliation of the skin
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Removing toxins
  • Encouraging lymphatic drainage
  • Increase circulation/blood flow
  • Brighten and soften skin

Essential Oils And Dry Brushing

Essential oils can be added to your dry brush and may increase some of the health benefits.  My favorite oils to add to my dry brush include:

I add a few drops to my brush before brushing.  After brushing I rinse my brush in running water under the sink or bathtub and hang to dry.  It is safe to dry brush everyday, after checking for any skin irritation.  It is not necessary to shower/bathe after dry brushing; however, I find it easiest to remember dry brushing and incorporate into my daily routine prior to showering.  If you try incorporating dry-brushing into your daily routine, drop me a comment on the benefits you notice.


Hugs & Health – Michelle