Essential oils are among my favorite things, yet it’s safe to say they are an investment (and there’s nothing I’d rather invest in than my health).  SO, I LOVE to get the essential oils I love at a great price, and doTERRA’s BOGO sale this upcoming week contains essential oils and supplements we use every day in our house, making it a GREAT time to stock up on basic essentials!

How The Sale Works

On Tuesday, March 21, 2023 you can purchase the entire week’s worth of BOGO specials in a BOGO Box.  It will contain the purchase items of a Vetiver Touch Rollerball, Spearmint Essential Oil, Serenity Softgels and PB Assist probiotic along with the free items including a Lavender Touch Rollerball, MetaPWR Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil and DigestZen Touch Roller PLUS when you purchase the BOGO box you also get a free bottle of TerraZyme Digestive Enzymes.

The entire collection is only $138.50 at wholesale pricing with a savings of $123.50 wholesale.  If you aren’t currently a doTERRA wholesale customer, you can purchase the BOGO box and if you add on a qualifying purchase of $23, the typical $35 wholesale fee will be waived, and you’ll enjoy free shipping, PLUS a FREE Pebble Diffuser.  Beginning Wednesday, March 22, 2023 you can also purchase each day’s BOGO pairings, where you buy 1 product and get another for free!  If you’re thinking what are these and how will I know how to use them — don’t worry.  I will highlight each oil/product below!

How I Use doTERRA Essential Oils and Supplements

  • Vetiver Touch Rollerball:  Apply to your wrists, neck, over your heart and/or on the bottoms of your feet anytime you need to relax.  I keep this on my nightstand and apply if I wake up in the night thinking of my to-do list for the next day.
  • Spearmint Essential Oil:  Great for cooking (mojitos), digesting food, studying and repelling insects.  Also, great to run in a diffuser and less “spicy” or “intense” than Peppermint Essential Oil.
  • Serenity Softgels:  Take 1 capsule prior to bed to encourage a restful night’s sleep.  Helps you relax and can make a difference in the quality of your sleep and the ease in falling asleep.  LOVE these!!
  • PB Assist Probiotic:  Superior Probiotic delivering 6 billion CFU’s of active probiotic cultures and a soluble Prebiotic delivered in a time-release double capsule for optimal benefit.  Supports healthy immune system and digestion.
  • Lavender Touch Rollerball:  Diluted in a convenient way to carry with you rollerball.  Lavender is great to rollon for relaxation, sleep, and skin issues (like a bug bite, rash or any type of cut, scrape, burn or anything itchy).  I refer to Lavender as nature’s antihistimane so always have this with me!
  • MetaPWR Essential Oil:  doTERRA’s new metabolic blend great for stabilizing blood sugar, boosting metabolism and decreasing cravings.  Perfect time for you to try this!  Great to put in your water, under your tongue, in a veggie cap and on your dry brush to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil:  Put a drop or two in your nighttime diffuser for a relaxing night’s sleep.  Also, GREAT for your hair — add to your favorite shampoo or conditioner, and massage on your scalp to encourage healthy, thick hair.  Super relaxing, so apply a few drops to your hands, cup and inhale anytime you want to relax.
  • DigestZen Touch Roller:  Roll over your lower abdomen for constipation/diarrhea issues.  Roll on your chest for indigestion, heart burn or acid reflux.  Roll on the bottoms of your feet to support all digestive issues.  I would never travel without this — because we often experience tummy issues with different foods, water and drinks when traveling — and well because, “Vacation Constipation” is a real thing!
  • TerraZyme Digestive Enzymes:  Free ONLY with the purchase of a BOGO box.  If you have ever been to a class I’ve taught, I always say that EVERYONE should take a quality digestive enzyme prior to their meals.  This is a variety of whole food enzymes that help with digestion and allow your body to best utilize what it wants and eliminate what it doesn’t need.  Many customers report digestive issues like bloating, cramping, etc go away with consistent use of TerraZyme!  Take 1 capsule before meals.  If you suffer from digestive issues take 2 prior to each meal.

Each of these pairings and the BOGO box have a limit of five per customer.  These are all truly staples in our house, and I would love for you to give them a try.  Whether you’re a new or experienced essential oiler, I am happy to help you put these to use.  You will experience the benefits, and that is what got me hooked and using them consistently!  I offer continuing education in many forms, so you can learn more via Facebook, monthly emails, blogs, or weekly Zoom continuing ed calls.

If you are an existing doTERRA wholesale customer, you can add this to your LRP order and earn points for future free products.  If you’re not taking advantage of doTERRA’s loyalty program, you can order as a one-time order.  Both options come with the 25% wholesale pricing discount.  If you’re new to doTERRA and you want to give essential oils a try during the sale, message me Tuesday for a link to take advantage.


Hugs & Health – Michelle