Essential oils are an investment when you begin, just like anything.  However, we have found they save us money at our house in Western Wisconsin.  Why?!  Because we use them for ALL-THE-THINGS!

When you find a recipe you want to make using essential oils it is helpful if you have a collection of oils, so you have what you need.  doTERRA is offering a new “Oil Collector’s Kit” that allows you to get EVERY oil into your collection at once.  And the best part, is that this collection is discounted deeper than wholesale pricing.  It also includes a free 25% discount for the next year on any doTERRA product you wish to buy (with no obligation to purchase more).

Now you may be thinking, why would I need another oil if I buy all of them at once?  Great question!  Certain oils are staples in our house, like lemon in our water, Frankincense under our tongues, lavender for relaxation and peppermint for energizing.  I use these four oils daily, and they last about 3-4 months in our house.

doTERRA also makes many healthy options for your home including skin care, cleaning products, spa products, supplements, as well as oil accessories like diffusers.  You also enjoy a 25% discount on these items, making it more affordable to make-over-your home with healthy options.

Oil Collectors Kit Contents: 

Essential Oil Singles: (15 mL unless otherwise noted)

Arborvitae (5 mL), BasilBergamotBlack Pepper (5 mL), Blue Tansy (5 mL),   Cardamom (5mL),CassiaCedarwoodCilantroCinnamon Bark (5 mL), Clary SageCloveCopaibaCorianderCypressDouglas Fir (5 mL), EucalyptusFractionated Coconut Oil (4 oz), FrankincenseGeraniumGingerGrapefruitHelichrysum (5 mL), doTERRA Jasmine Touch (10 mL), Juniper Berry (5 mL), LavenderLemonLemongrassLimeMagnolia Touch (10 mL), MarjoramTea TreeMelissa (5 mL), MyrrhdoTERRA Neroli Touch (10 mL), OreganoPatchouliPeppermintPetitgrainPink Pepper (5 mL),  Roman Chamomile (5 mL), doTERRA Rose Touch (10 mL),  RosemarySandalwood (Hawaiian) (5 mL), Siberian FirSpearmintSpikenardTangerineThymeTurmericVetiverWild OrangeYarrow | PomYlang Ylang

Essential Oil Blends: (15 mL unless otherwise noted)

AromaTouchdoTERRA BalancedoTERRA BreathedoTERRA Cheer(5 mL), Citrus BlissClaryCalm (10 mL), doTERRA Console (5 mL ),  DDR PrimeDeep Blue (5 mL), DigestZendoTERRA Forgive (5 mL), HD Clear (10 mL), Immortelle (10 mL), InTune (10 mL), doTERRA Motivate (5 mL), doTERRA On GuarddoTERRA Passion (5 mL), doTERRA Peace (5 mL), PurifydoTERRA SerenitySlim & SassyTerraShieldZendocrineHyggeCitrus BloomPastTenseNorthern EscapeAdaptiv Touch (10 mL), Manuka (5 mL)

Rigid Oil Case, Lumo Diffuser

Whether you are just getting started with essential oils, or have been using them and slowly adding to your collection — this kit is perfect for the “go-big-or-go-home” essential oiler.  It has a higher price of $1,950, but also offers greater savings.  If you want to dive-in to using essential oils for all-the-things, I highly recommend this kit.  I offer many ways to educate and support you on your essential oil journey, and to help you get your money’s worth out of this investment!


Hugs & Health – Michelle