Our family’s journey into essential oils and specifically, doTERRA essential oils began while searching for natural solutions to support our son’s immune system.  We were skeptical, but willing to try anything that couldn’t harm him.  I’m still surprised everyday by how much I rely on and love using essential oils around our home.  We have now begun replacing many other items in our home with doTERRA products, and love knowing they are safe and toxin-free.  I will highlight some of my favorites:

  1.  OnGuard Toothpaste:  I am completely hooked on the taste of this healthy toothpaste.  I LOVE the Clove

    taste and feel it freshens my breath more than a minty toothpaste.  I also love that this toothpaste has no fluoride or SLS.  Clove essential oil is known for supporting oral health, and is a great addition to a toxin-free toothpaste!  Oh, and did I mention it naturally helps whiten your teeth as well?

  2. Slim & Sassy Gum:  I have long been a gum-chewer and it has been a challenge to find a healthy gum, and especially a healthy gum that doesn’t cost a fortune!  Slim & Sassy gum is infused with doTERRA’s Slim & Sassy metabolic blend which is known to help support a healthy metabolism and reduce cravings.  It also keeps my mouth busy, which definitely helps me eat less.  I didn’t love the taste of the gum at first, but now I do (I would say it’s an acquired taste).  Give this a try if you are a gum-chewer, and I think you will love it!
  3.  Body Butter:  doTERRA’s Body Butter is one of the only things that works well when I have dry hands (like in the cold winter months and in the summer from gardening).  It is incredibly moisturizing, yet doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy.  It is made from shea butter, cocoa seed butter, jojoba seed oil and avocado oil and is infused with Frankincense, Wild Orange and Douglas Fir Essential oils to help uplift and relax you at the same time as helping to cleanse and purify the skin.
  4. Mito2Max Energy & Stamina Complex:  This supplement packs a ton of energy without any stimulants.  I love the fact that it provides natural energy, and I take this on days I need a boost.  I tend to not sleep well around the full moon, and taking this on these mornings helps me motivate through my day, which allows me to sleep well the next night (because I don’t need to nap).  A fun fact about this supplement, is that it can also help you acclimate to high altitudes, so is great to take prior to and on any mountain vacations.  This supplement contains adaptogens and antioxidants to support cellular health, mental clarity and energy.  Yes, please!
  5. Anti-Aging Eye Cream:  I fell in love with this eye cream the first time I used it; probably because the

    applicator is delightful.  It has a steel rollerball applicator that cools and soothes under-eye skin helping to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, while gently applying cream to targeted areas. This healthy eye cream is infused with Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Blue Tansy Essential oils, and feels wonderful instantly when applied.  This is eye cream is one of my customers favorite doTERRA products as well.

Do you have a favorite doTERRA product or essential oil?  I would love to hear about it in the comments!


Hugs & Health – Michelle