doTERRA announced three new targeted kits at their convention this year.  These targeted kits help people tackle or support a specific health goal.  Initially, they are offering targeted kits in three areas:  Immune Support, Mind & Mood and Relief.  The first month your kit will come in a neoprene bag, so you can keep all the products for this specific protocol together and organized.  The subsequent two months, you will receive your products in a bio-degradable, earth-friendly package (and you can then add these products to your neoprene bag).  Safe products for your home and love that doTERRA is lessening their environmental footprint!  I predict they will launch a few more in the upcoming months, and kits I would like to see include:  Restful Sleep, Hormone Support, Weight Management and Choosing Joy kits.

September of 2020 doTERRA launched their first ever virtual convention called Pursue Connection.  You can purchase a convention kit below wholesale cost for $165, and if you are new to doTERRA it includes a free 1-year wholesale membership, which allows you to purchase their pure essential oils and products with a 25% discount.  In September, you can add-on any of these 3 targeted kits.  They will be available individually beginning October 1st when you take advantage of doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program and maximize your savings even further.  Lets take a closer look at each kit.

Immunity Wellness Support Kit

This Immunity kit is specifically designed to support your body’s immune system, which is your body’s natural first defense against environmental threats.  You can use this kit daily to help strengthen your body systems, which all work together to keep your immune system functioning optimally.  You can also use these products to keep your environment clean and protect your home.  This kit is designed to be purchased and used together offering different products of support over a 3-month period of time.  The first month you will receive:

  • doTERRA On Guard® 15 ml
  • doTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Mist
  • doTERRA On Guard Foaming Hand Wash + Hand Pump
  • Purify 15 ml
  • Wild Orange 15 ml
  • Exclusive gift—doTERRA On Guard Toothpaste and Floss

The second and third month, you will receive some of the same products to continue using, and some additional immune supportive products.  I love that this kit comes with the specific oils and products you can use for healthy immune function, and makes it easy for newbies and seasoned essential oilers alike.  Daily use of these products will support your body much more effectively than using essential oils occasionally, or when you feel run-down.

Mind & Mood Wellness Kit

The Mind & Mood Kit is a combination of essential oils, supplements and products designed to work together to support your emotional well-being.  Using these products internally, topically and aromatically every day will help support a positive mood at this uncertain time, and anytime you are feeling down, overwhelmed or negative.  The first month you will receive:

The second and third months you will receive additional products to add to your emotional collection.  Some of my favorites include soothing bath salts and the Serenity Linen Spray that are not available for purchase individually.  Again, this program will lay out step-by-step a protocol for supporting a balanced mood.

Relief Wellness Kit

doTERRA’s Relief Soothing Wellness Kit is designed to comfort, soothe and relieve and discomfort in your body.  The products you will receive in this kit will help when your body needs some extra relief, and also helps your joints and muscles grow stronger and healthier when you are trying to push through to the next level in your fitness health.  The first month you will receive:

  • Deep Blue® Blend 10 mL
  • Deep Blue Rub Samples
  • Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex
  • Exclusive Gift—Massage Ball

Months two and three will add in additional products to strengthen the body, support comfort and promote stress relief as well.  I am excited to get the massage ball, and have also heard GREAT things about the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex.

These kits will simplify how to use essential oils to support your specific health goals, and make it easy to know what to use when and where.  These kits are a perk for doTERRA wholesale members (one of many).  To join our natural health journey and gain access to purchase these targeted wellness kits, I recommend this starter kit.  You will then be able to sign up for the wellness kit (or kits) of your choice.  I am excited to get these products for myself, my family and also for my customers.  If you have questions about which kit to start with, how to use the products or anything else, please drop them in the comments.

Hugs & Health – Michelle