Pulling a hamstring is certainly no fun, and has prevented me working out this week.  Not working out tends to make me crabby, so I am doing my best to feel better fast!

Graduation Party Prep

My husband and I have been scrambling to get ready for our son’s graduation party, especially being as the weather has not cooperated for outdoor activities this spring.  We discovered our riding lawnmower wouldn’t start, and our repair company said they would pick it up ASAP if we could push it to the driveway.  No easy feat!  It’s a long distance and uphill, but my husband and I had to do it.  We did manage to get the lawnmower up the hill; however, I pulled a hamstring in the process.

I am pretty careful working out and seldom suffer discomfort (except the good kind from a challenging workout).  I had forgotten how much I dislike being in pain, and have been working hard to recover quickly, so I can enjoy his grad party and get back to my regular workouts!

Sore Muscle Essential Oil Protocol 

Discomfort Rollerball:  10 drops each of Copaiba, Deep Blue, Frankincense & Marjoram in a 10 mL rollerball bottle topped off with FCO.

Deep Blue Stick A combo of Deep Blue Oil and Copaiba in a handy roll-on stick (similar to a deodorant stick).

Deep Blue Rub:  A convenient lotion for soothing sore muscles.

I like to apply the Discomfort Roller, then the Deep Blue Stick and finish with the Deep Blue Rub.  It’s called layering and draws the oils deeper into the affected area.  If you want to try my relief protocol, I have bundled it at a discounted price here.  Should you decide to try this protocol in May of 2022, you would also qualify for doTERRA’s promo of 3 free oils Citrus Bliss, Island Mint and Sunny Citrus!!

When an injury is new or there’s a flare-up of discomfort, I like to use this protocol every 4-6 hours.  After I feel relief, I use morning and night for a week or two, and then once/day until I feel as good as new.  Whenever I need some soothing relief, this seems to do the trick for me.  I hope you find it helpful, as well!


Hugs & Health – Michelle