doTERRA has generously offered BOGO’s as a thank you to their wholesale customers in November for several years.  I am happy to report this is one thing we still have in 2020 – November doTERRA BOGO’s.  Myself and many of my customers anxiously await BOGO week, and find it something to look forward to.

Customer Appreciation Sale

doTERRA has been working hard as a company to reduce their carbon footprint.  BOGO’s used to be available each day for a week, with separate shipping fees and packaging daily to take advantage.  They now offer a “Bogo Box”, where customers can take advantage of each day’s BOGO for the week in one box (with one shipping charge and one package).

Essential Oil BOGO Sale

The mystery and excitement is still here, because we are only aware of the 5 oils we will purchase, and the 5 free oils remain a mystery.  They will be revealed each day when that day’s BOGO promotion is announced.  The 5 purchase oils are:

  1. Adaptiv Calming Blend (to reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm)
  2. Copaiba (think the essential oil version of CBD Oil)
  3. Peppermint (I use daily to revitalize and energize myself in the morning)
  4. OnGuard Protective Blend (the immune support blend)
  5. Northern Escape (An exclusive that sounds delightful and perfect for this uncertain time)

At this point in time, we only know the free oil for tomorrow (Monday, November 16th’s) BOGO, which happens to be Ylang Ylang.  Ylang Ylang is great for uplifting the mood, relaxing in a massage, moisturizing for your hair, and known to be good for increasing feelings of intimacy.  The other free oils will be revealed daily, and I love the anticipation of discovering the day’s freebie!

Free Wholesale Customer Account

For the first time you can purchase the BOGO Box tomorrow as a brand new customer and receive free wholesale pricing, and a free wholesale account for the next year.  Thank you, doTERRA!  This is a “smoking good deal” in my husband’s words, and I couldn’t agree more.  I love the generosity of doTERRA, and especially at this time when so many people are struggling financially.

IF you have been wanting to begin using essential oils, and have been unsure where to start or worried about the cost, THIS DEAL IS FOR YOU!  It is honestly too good to be true, except it is true.  However, it is only available for 1 day only (Monday, November 16th, 2020), and while supplies last.

I highly encourage you to take advantage, jump into the world of natural health through essential oils, and get ready to be amazed at how great you can feel.  If you start with me, I promise to guide you as much as you like with how to use your oils and get your money’s worth out of your investment.  In fact, it gives me great pleasure to help people, and I love hearing their positive stories and testimonials!


Hugs & Health – Michelle