Essential oils can be used safely and effectively for kids, with almost no side effects when you follow a few simple rules.

Rule #1- Dilute For Topical Application

Dilute, dilute, dilute – always dilute essential oils for kids when applying topically.  My carrier oil of choice for dilution is fractionated coconut oil (FCO).  Its is basically coconut oil that will remain a liquid at all temperatures, and has many health properties all on it’s own.  If you are wondering how much oil to use, here is a handy chart that shows the dilution ratios by age.

How To Dilute For Kids By Age

                      How To Dilute For Kids By Age

Never apply essential oils in the ears, nose, throat, etc.  Essential oils can be very beneficial for an ear ache, stuffy nose or throat discomfort, but it is best to apply the oils topically around the area of concern.  For example – for an earache, apply the oil to a cotton ball, or diluted in a rollerball and rub around the ear (never put an essential oil in the ear drum).  When in doubt, apply the oil to the bottoms of their feet.  Their feet will rapidly absorb the oil and transport it to where it is needed.  Plus, their feet aren’t sensitive, so it’s a great place to first use an essential oil with your kids.

Earaches are one of the first reasons we used essential oils.  My Danny had chronic ear infections as a baby, toddler and young boy.  He had 7 sets of ear tubes, his adenoids removed and too many rounds of antibiotics to count to help with ear troubles.  We now combine 10 drops each of Melaleuca, Lavender and Basil essential oil in a 10 ml roller topped with FCO for Danny.  We apply around both ears at the first sign of ear soreness.  In the 5 years we have been using essential oils, Danny has not needed an antibiotic and has not had another ear infection – wow!

Ear Discomfort Remedy

   Ear Discomfort Remedy

Two  must-haves for kids are Correct-X and Terrashield Repellent SprayCorrect-X is a healthy topical ointment using essential oils that soothes the skin when your kids get a cut, scrape, burn or bug-bite. TerraShield is a bug repellent spray that is super effective and toxin-free!  No need to shower or bathe off this bug repellent – bug simply don’t like it and stay away!  We keep both of these in our first aid kits at home and in the car.

Rule #2 – Aromatic Use Great For Kids

Aromatic use of essential oils is great for kids.  You can put essential oils in a diffuser, on a cotton ball and place on their shirt, or on their pillowcase.  They can also smell the oil straight out of the bottle, or off their wrists or hands when applied topically.  They use essential oils this way for many kids in the hospital – especially for kids undergoing chemotherapy.  Oils for nausea and calming can be very helpful at this time for kids!

We diffuse essential oils in each of our boy’s bedrooms each night.  My sons are now older (age 16 and 18), but they still like to choose their oils each night.  Danny often chooses Petitgrain (referred to as men’s lavender) paired with Frankincense.  Jacob tends to prefer Balance, Bergamot or Cedarwood in his diffuser.

Diffusers - you will want one in every room!

Diffusers – you will want one in every room!

Rule #3 – Educate Your Kids To Choose Their Oils

Let kids choose their own oils.  It can be very empowering to let kids begin to make their own choices, and learn what essential oils will benefit them.  They will need to be supervised at first, and then it is a great skill for them to have to learn how to support themselves and their physical and emotional health.  My kids choose what essential oil to put in their diffusers at night, and also help me remix the rollerball blends they use on a regular basis.  They both love a “calming” blend when they are out of sorts, frustrated or even angry.  The new Kids Collection from doTERRA makes it easy and safe for them to choose the oil that will support them in the moment.

The new Kid’s Collection by doTERRA contains:  Thinker (to help kids focus and concentrate), Calmer (to help kids wind down and rest and great before long car rides), Stronger (to help kids stay healthy), Rescuer (to help kids stay pain-free and also soothes emotions), Steady (to help kids stay calm and relaxed, and also great for kids with sensory issues.  It also contains Magnolia, which can stimulate appetite for those picky eaters), and Brave (to help kids feel confident).  Brave, although formulated for kids, is one of my favorite scents and I use it often when I want to feel confident!

The 7 blends in this kit are pre-diluted for kids, so it takes the guess-work out for you adults and makes it easy for kids to use.  It also come with flash-cards that are color-coded for kids to read and remember what each blend is used for.  They also get this handy carrying case, and individual carabiners, so they can attach their favorites to a backpack or purse.

Bundle & Save

If you are ready to start using essential oils for your kids, my recommendation is to begin simply with the Kids Collection, Correct-X and TerraShield Repellent Spray.  These are all easy for kids to use, safe for kids to use, and effective with no harmful additives or synthetics.  The earlier we start our kids on a path to natural health, the better off they will be!

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Hugs & Health – Michelle