2020 created a lot of change, and one big change was people working and learning from home.  For me personally, I was helping Danny distance learn at the same time as tutoring my students from the school district.  This combination was challenging to say the least!

The trend of working from home is continuing in 2021.  Even with things opening up more, many companies have continued to have employees work from home.  Saving money and time are two of the biggest factors contributing towards this trend.  I thought it would be timely to share some of what I have done to create a productive space while working (and learning) from home.

Focus and Mental Clarity 

I found I needed extra support to stay focused on my work at home (distractions like laundry and kids, etc.).  My favorite blend for focus is to combine Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oils in a diffuser.  I also combine these two in a rollerball (20 drops each in a 10 ml roller diluted with FCO), and apply to the back of my neck before a meeting and after lunch.  doTERRA also makes a blend called Motivate that is perfect to help keep you on task.  This is also great in a diffuser and comes prediluted in a roller by doTERRA.  If you are someone with more serious focus issues, I would recommend their focus blend called InTune (which also comes prediluted in a roller).


To keep my energy levels high while multi-tasking my work at home, I also like the combo of Peppermint and Wild Orange.  It’s a win-win that is helps with both focus and energy!  Another source for natural energy is the supplement called Mito2Max.  This supplement is a healthier alternative to caffeine for energy and vitality.  It provides mitochondrial energy or energy at the cellular level.  It’s made up of adaptogenic herbs, fruit and vegetable extracts and green tea extract.

Calm, Stress-free Environment

Working from home has some advantages, yet has been more stressful in some ways, too.  The uncertainty, fear and added responsibility of helping our kids learn has created an epidemic of stress in our society.  A few of my favorite remedies to help create a peaceful environment for work and learning are:  Adaptiv, Balance, Peace, Serenity and/or Lavender in a diffuser.  I also like to wear one of these on a diffuser necklace each day, and bring it up to my nose for a whiff when needed.  For really tough days, I like to take an Adaptiv Calming Capsule.  Some people take this daily, and for me occasional use is enough.

Muscle Soreness

If you’re like me, you can get tense shoulders and head tension when working on and staring at a computer screen all day.  I like doTERRA’s Past Tense blend for head tension.  I add about 40 drops to a 10 ml roller topped with FCO and apply to my forehead, temples and back of neck.  I find almost instant relief with this gem.  Deep Blue Rub is my favorite for tight, tense shoulders.  I massage some Deep Blue onto my neck and shoulders every few hours during my work day.  The combo of Deep Blue Rub and Past Tense is very effective at minimizing any discomfort from working on my computer all day.


I find not being in-person as part of a team can make it challenging to feel inspired and creative.  Zoom meetings just aren’t the same as bouncing ideas around in person.  The oil that helps me when I feel stuck creatively is doTERRA’s Passion Blend.  It is BEAUTIFUL and I also wear it as a perfume.  The real benefit of this blend is that I feel inspired as soon as I inhale the scent.  I typically diffuse it in my office when I am creating content (like writing this blog), and also apply it topically to my inner wrist and over my heart.

I hope you find some of these recipes helpful in your home office or home classroom.  Comment below with questions or any tips you have found helpful while working from home.


Hugs & Health – Michelle