If you are looking to up-level your health this year through natural solutions, I have some perfect custom, targeted kits to get you started!  You can focus on soothing relief, mind and mood, boosting your immunity or all of the above!  The best part, is that these kits are discounted and give you everything you need to get going on your goals!

Evolve Relief Kit

This kit has everything you need to target any areas of discomfort that need soothing.  Don’t worry if you are new to essential oils, I provide education on how to use every product in the kit to get the results you want.  This kit is discounted deeper than wholesale pricing, and includes a free wholesale membership for the next year.  Don’t let that scare you — you are under no obligation to purchase again, but will enjoy a 25% discount if you shop.

The Evolve Relief Kit includes:

Evolve Immunity Kit

I think it’s safe to assume we all want to boost our immune system, and especially during the winter months when people tend to get sick more.  My son, Danny, has a compromised immune system, so keeping his immune system working well is of the utmost importance.  This kit has the supplements and essential oils to support your immune system.

Winter Immune Support Kit

Immunity Kit

The Evolve Immunity Kit includes:

Evolve Mind & Mood Support Kit

This kit is designed to target emotional health by supporting your mind and your moods.  Think of it as a tool to help support you through life’s ups and downs.  I typically am not someone with shifting moods, but have found myself uneasy during these uncertain times.  I look forward to getting this kit for myself, and also for my family!

The Evolve Mind & Mood Kit includes:

Evolve Complete Collection

If you have family members wanting to tackle different areas of their health, or are a “Go-Big-Or-Go-Home” type of person, you can also purchase the products from each kit combined into one discounted bundle.  This bundle saves you the most money, and also, of course, costs the most money.  It contains everything from each of the 3 kits referenced above (however, it only contains one pack of the Lifelong Vitality Supplements). The Evolve Complete Collection includes:

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack

Evolve You: Relief Kit

Evolve You: Mind & Mood Kit

Evolve You: Immunity Kit

Whatever health goals you want to target in 2022, doTERRA has a great starter kit for you.  I should point out that each kit contains a free wholesale membership for the next year.  Each kit is also available with a Vegan Option for your supplements (Lifelong Vitality Trio we nickname LLV).

Unsure where to start, or feeling overwhelmed?  I love to coach people, so feel free to comment below or private message me.  I’m always here to help!


Hugs & Health – Michelle