2022 has been a year of uncertainty, to say the least.  Many American’s are feeling anxious about the future with gas prices and inflation on the rise.  The war in Ukraine has us all feeling uneasy.  The recent school shooting in Uvalde has us all feeling horrified and scared to send our kids to school.  Living in Hudson, Wisconsin near the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis brings its own challenges, as these cities struggle with high crime rates after the tensions between citizens and police.  And for this mom, having my youngest son graduate and move onto the transition program only adds to wondering about the future.

The Power Of Prayer

We all crave some peace in these trying times, and there are a few things that have helped me find some comfort.  My number one is prayer and spending time with God and in God’s word.  I have a daily devotional that I do not read daily.  In fact, I read it the mornings I have time and I always find that the day’s lesson is spot on for the day I read it.  This mornings lesson was “Stop Over-Thinking Things” and tomorrows is “You Don’t Need All The Answers To Stop Worrying”.  I feel like God speaks directly to me through these lessons and they help me to focus my prayer for the day.  This devotional and spending time with God in prayer bring me comfort and help me feel ready to face my day.

Peace Essential Oil   

doTERRA’s Peace Essential Oil has been a blessing during these rough times.  I actually crave it and can smell it before I even grab the bottle.  I apply it to over my heart and on my wrists before my morning prayer and self-care and it helps me feel calm and peaceful.  I also like to diffuse Peace Oil to keep me feeling grounded throughout my day.

This blend is doTERRA’s “Reassuring Blend” and combines Clary Sage, Frankincense, Labdanum, Lavender, Marjoram, Spearmint, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang essential oils.  Many of these oils are wonderful to help you feel relaxed on their own, and the combination of them is even more powerful.

I sent my son off on his last official day of high school today, and then immediately applied my Peace Oil, read my daily devotional and started praying.  What started as an emotional morning turned into a day where I feel gratitude and happiness.  I wish the same for you day!


Hugs & Health – Michelle