If you are working on forgiving someone in your life, or just have some negative thoughts and feelings you want to release, I encourage you to give doTERRA’s Forgive Essential Oil a try!  Forgiveness is something we gift to others, but it’s really a gift to ourselves.  When we forgive others, it actually sets “us” free and allows us to release negative emotions.

Forgiving Others Is Tough

Forgiving others can be difficult, especially when we feel they have wronged us.  I have had difficulty forgiving my oldest son for some of the hardships he has caused our family while using drugs — and especially when he recently relapsed.  He tends to turn into a “mean high guy”, and loses his cheerful, nice disposition when he is using.  His family takes the brunt of this, and particularly me as his mother.  While I understand addiction is a medical condition, that doesn’t take away the hurt.

At times I resent my son for making all of our lives so hard.  The rational part of me knows this is terribly hard for him, and not what he would choose.  However, that doesn’t make the hard times any easier for us.  Forgiveness is something I am continuing to work on for all of our sakes.

doTERRA’s Forgive Renewing Blend

doTERRA’s Forgive blend is a combination of Arboviate, Bergamot, Citronella, Juniper Berry, Myrrh, Nootka Tree, Thyme and Spruce essential oils.  This blend was synergistically created with the specific goal of helping people forgive past mistakes and offenses.  Forgive helps you remember that everyone is learning and growing and deserves forgiveness.

I like to diffuse this blend when I feel negative thoughts creep in and also apply topically to my inner wrists, over my heart and on my neck.  Sometimes I physically crave it during my morning routine of prayer, meditation and positive mantras.  When I inhale the scent of Forgive, I am able to focus on my positives and gratitudes.  I can almost feel the negativity leaving my body and it feels freeing.

If you have people in your life you have been struggling to forgive (even if that person is yourself), I encourage you to give doTERRA’s Forgive blend a try.  It comes in a 5mL bottle perfect for diffusing and diluted in a touch roller convenient for topical use.  doTERRA’s Forgive blend will help you feel tolerant, empathetic, understand and even loving.  Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose (except some negative energy)!


Hugs & Health – Michelle