Join my team of educators and myself to learn helpful tips on using essential oils to help kids, teachers and parents transition “Back To School”.  Whether your school is in-person, distance learning or a hybrid, this free class will offer valuable tips.

Immune Support

Boosting the immune system and staying healthy is on the top of everyone’s minds lately.  Our class will cover several helpful strategies to boost your immune system, protect your immune system and keep your immune system functioning at an optimal level.  We will cover diffusing oils, applying oils topically, taking oils internally, and how to minimize toxins that can damage your immune system.

Green Cleaning

Our class will also teach how we make our own effective, but safe cleaning products using a few simple ingredients (essential oils, vinegar, water, Castille Soap, etc.)  You will learn how making your own cleaning products can actually save you money, plus you always have the ingredients on hand to make more (especially important if store shelves run out of cleaning products again like they did last winter).

Toxin-Free Living

While we can all strive to live toxin-free, the reality is that we can just do everything in our power to minimize toxic exposure which can lead to toxic-overload.  When our body become too toxic (known as the tipping point), it can weaken our immune system.  We will share tips on how we use essential oils and doTERRA products to eliminate toxins in our homes for ourselves and our families.  We will include recipes for healthy hand-sanitizers and face mask sprays that you can send with your kids to school (great for teachers, too).

Soothe Sore Muscles

For kids who will be playing sports this fall through school, there may be some discomfort as they get used to working out again.  Our local school district is allowing sports to begin this upcoming Monday, August 17th.  For students who haven’t had access to a gym, track, treadmill or weight room, they may experience some discomfort as they begin getting in shape.  We will cover some oils and rubs that can help prevent and alleviate muscle discomfort for out student athletes.

Emotional Support

Most schools have been closed since mid-March of 2020.  Students have been distance learning or online learning for almost a half year.  The amount of time off school, plus the uncertainty of schools remaining open has led many kids to experience nervousness about returning to school (and parents, too).  My school district in Hudson, Wisconsin has done an excellent job of sending out surveys, updates and safety guidelines to give parents and students knowledge and reassurance around the upcoming school year.  Each family can choose in-person school or distance learning for their students for the start of the school year.  Many kids experience nervousness around the newness of a school year, and this year that nervousness is heightened.  We will show you how essential oils can help empower students to manage their emotions.


School work requires focus and concentration, and helping kids get motivated and focus on their school work is also something helpful for back-to-school.  Teachers also can use support as they plan their lessons, and grade student’s work.  Many teachers are preparing in-person and distance learning lessons, so their workloads may feel overwhelming.  Diffusing essential oils and applying them topically can be super helpful, and we will share some of our favorite blends for school and work focus.

Class Details

We look forward to sharing our “Back To School” strategies and helpful tips with essential oils on Tuesday, August 18th at 7 p.m. CST.  Our class will take place in a Zoom Room, and the link to join is:    We welcome anyone interested in natural solutions to help with back-to-school for 2020, and we hope you find the tips we share helpful!

Hugs & Health – Michelle