Maximize Your Account & Earn Free Stuff

Once you join me with a dōTERRA wholesale account, I offer you a free 30-minute phone wellness consult. We tailor-make a program for you and your family, and I also show you how to save $ and earn free products with dōTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program. This program is optional, and most people take advantage when they learn the savings it offers.

dōTERRA makes it easy to save money and earn free products with their Loyalty Rewards Program. Once you have a wholesale account, you enjoy a 25% discount (think Costco membership). You can also take part in their Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) where you earn 10-30% of what you order in free points (think frequent flyer programs). If you order 125 p.v. (point value) by the 15th of each month – you also earn a free product of the month (think product of the month club).

LRP ordering makes it easy, convenient and affordable to make-over you home with healthy products from dōTERRA.

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