The Gift Beyond The Oils - dōTERRA's Business Opportunity

If you think setting your own schedule, being your own boss, and having an unlimited earning potential sounds appealing – you should explore the business opportunity that dōTERRA offers. In fact, I have a few key building positions open in my organization! Interested… contact me!

dōTERRA as a company is very generous, and their compensation plan reflects their generosity. I started using essential oils for my son, but quickly realized how much they helped me, and how much I truly loved them. It then became a passion of mine to tell everyone I knew about these oils, which quickly turned into a successful business.

If you have ever felt guilty over missing your kids sporting events, bummed you can’t get time off work for a vacation or disappointed in your salary – this just might be for you. dōTERRA is a network marketing company, and when you jump onboard with this business opportunity – YOU decide when and how much you work, and YOU determine how much money you make. dōTERRA is not a get rich quick scheme – there is work involved. BUT, with consistency, dedication and passion – the sky is the limit on what you can earn – and I will be there to guide you!
Danny and I in Florida
I LOVE having the freedom to travel, and the means by which to do it. I LOVE educating others about essential oils and would love to teach you to be successful doing the same. Join my team, and together we will achieve our goals!