doTERRA’s Frankincense essential oil is one we use daily in our home in Hudson, Wisconsin and have for the last five or six years.  Why?  When in doubt, get your Frankincense out!  This has become a common saying in our home because we love the results we get with Frankincense, and because we use it for SO many things.

What Makes Frankincense Special

Frankincense is not an inexpensive oil mainly because it is difficult to source.  doTERRA’s Frankincense is a proprietary blend of four species of Frankincense resin sourced from northeast Africa and the Arabian peninsula: Boswellia carterii, Boswellia frereana, Boswellia papyrifera, and Boswellia sacra.  The reason for the four different sources are twofold.  Using the different strains of Boswellia offers chemical diversity for a therapeutic oil, and it also ensures the demand is not too high so it remains sustainable for doTERRA to produce quality Frankincense.

At $68 wholesale and $90.67 retail, some people probably think doTERRA’s Frankincense is too expensive.  Each 15 mL bottle contains about 250 drops, and you only need 1 drop to have an effect on the body.  This breaks down to $.30/drop, which is inexpensive by almost anyone’s standards.  The good news is that you can earn a FREE 15 mL Frankincense in December by purchasing 200 p.v. (point value) worth of product from doTERRA.  This promo is available to newbies and current doTERRA wholesale customers.

Frankincense – Gift To Baby Jesus

I think doTERRA’s Frankincense is special, and I have found wonderful results using it for myself and my family.  It was one of the gifts to baby Jesus, so the Wisemen thought it was special, too.  The 3 gifts were Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold.  There is a rumor that the gold was really turmeric (which is gold in color).  If that is true, the Wisemen were bringing Jesus the best gift they could think of — the gift of health.  Frankincense, Myrrh and Turmeric essential oils are all known to help support a healthy immune system.

Frankincense uses:

  1. Support healthy immune system
  2. Support healthy lung/respiratory function
  3. Promote cellular health
  4. Induce overall feelings of wellness, peace and comfort
  5. Help with focus for yoga, work meetings and studying
  6. Soothe tired, sore muscles
  7. Support healthy digestive system/GI tract
  8. Support healthy cardiovascular system
  9. Soothe and relax the nervous system
  10. Promote healthy joint function
  11. Support healthy liver function
  12. Support healthy bladder function
  13. Rejuvenate the skin and diminish blemishes

As you can see from the list above, Frankincense offers a myriad of health benefits.  The main ways we use it at our house include:

  1. One drop Frankincense and 2 drops Lemon in my water throughout the day to promote healthy cells, immune function and for gentle cleansing.
  2. Frankincense and DDR Prime in a rollerball to support healthy cells for both Danny and myself.
  3. Diffuse Frankincense, Adaptiv and Wild Orange to calm our emotions.
  4. A “thumbprint” of Frankincense applied to the roof of our mouth at the first sign of head tension or anxious feelings.
  5. A rollerball of Frankincense diluted with FCO for skin issues (think wrinkles,  age spots, blemishes, etc.).

Frankincense can be used internally, aromatically and topically, and we do use this special oil all three ways in our home.  My husband also uses this in his chiropractic clinic to help soothe sore muscles and calm tense patients before he adjusts them.  As you can see, doTERRA’s Frankincense is a favorite staple at our house.  I look forward to this free Frankincense promo from doTERRA every December.  It is generous and I consider it a gift to myself every year.

Have you used Frankincense?  Please share your favorite use in the comments, and/or let me know if I can help you with a protocol for using Frankincense in your home.

Hugs & Health – Michelle