If you have been feeling blue, uncertain, sad or scared during this pandemic, you’re not alone.  I have so many loved ones who have suffered anxiety and depression the last two years who previously did not have these issues.  While I have certainly suffered bouts of depression/anxiety during tough life events, these are typically not issues for me.  However, the life challenges and changes during 2020, 2021 and now 2022 have led these issues to creep in more frequently.

Natural Stress-Reducers

One of the best stress-reducers I have found is spending time with my girlfriends.  I am blessed to have a group of friends since college whom I consider to be my besties.  We get together as often as we can, and even take a week-long trip every 5 years.   Our group went to Key West, Florida in January of 2022 for a week of fun in the sun.  The week I spend with my friends is truly just what the doctor ordered.

An entire week with no responsibility was certainly a blessing for me.  Being a special needs mom, I seldom have time for myself.  Mornings are always a busy time at our house, and I help my son get ready and out the door for school before I enjoy a cup of coffee.  My friends know this, and let me relax each morning.  I went jogging by myself one morning, which was a treat.  One of my girlfriends made me breakfast just because she wanted to do something for me.  I generally take care of others in the morning, so it was a true gift for her to “take care of me”.

Laugher Is The Best Medicine

We had a lot of laughs, and laughter sure does help you feel happy and stress-free.  Our group has long-standing inside jokes, that never get old. I laughed until I cried several times that week.  And, of course, we made new memories of fun times and laughs shared together.

Vacation Digestive Issue Helpers

Traveling can lead to some digestive issues.  Eating and drinking differently than I normally do led to some discomfort/sour stomach, which is not something I normally experience.  One of my girlfriends brought along doTERRA’s chewable Digest Tabs.  While I had my DigestZen oil along, the Digest Tabs were the thing that really did the trick.  Funny that there was a doTERRA product I had not previously tried!

DigestTabs contain 200 mg of calcium along  with an acid neutralizer calcium carbonate.  I took one after a night of overindulging, and am happy to report my stomach felt better quickly.  This tab is known to provide relief from occasional heartburn and indigestion while promoting the overall health of the gastrointestinal tract.  You can bet I ordered this Feb 1st with my next loyalty order.  While I don’t think I will need these often at home, I will for sure bring them on my next vacation!

Back To Reality

The week away left me feeling happy and ready to tackle whatever life brings.  I loved the time with my girlfriends, and feel blessed to have such a tight friend-group who have remained close for so many years.  After a week away, I certainly missed my guys and was ready to come home.  As a special needs caregiver, the break was just what I needed to come home and give my family my best.  However, we already planned a weekend getaway this summer, and I love knowing I have time planned with my best girlfriends soon.

If you haven’t gotten away with friends in awhile, I hope 2022 is the year you make it happen!


Hugs & Health – Michelle