Cleaning has always been important, but is even more so at this uncertain time.  I think cleaning will hold more importance in the future, as well.  While we all want to have clean homes, and eliminate germs and threats, we also don’t want to add to these threats with toxic cleaners.  Green cleaning that IS effective is of utmost importance.  I am happy to report doTERRA has an OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate that is both effective and safe!

OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate

OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate from doTERRA combines OnGuard Protective Blend Essential Oil with plant-based derivatives for a not-toxic formula safe for the entire family.  In fact, have you ever read the warning label on this cleaning product?  You will be surprised.  It doesn’t say call poison control if ingested, it recommends drinking lots of water (to flush it out of your system).  As a mom, it makes me comfortable to have this cleaning product under my kitchen sink in reach of my kids.  The label also advises to rinse with water if the product accidentally gets in your eyes.  This product is also safe for your pets.  The ingredients are also safe for the environment and are biodegradable.

OnGuard Protective Blend Essential Oil

OnGuard Essential Oil is safe and recommended for internal use.  It is called the “protective blend” because it protects your health and immune system.  OnGuard is a blend made up of cinnamon bark, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary and wild orange essential oils.  It is one of my favorite scents, and I call it “Christmas In A Bottle”.   We use this oil daily on the bottoms of our feet to boost our immune systems, and also diffuse it almost daily during the winter months (to help cleanse the air of unwanted germs).

How To Use OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate

This OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate is versatile and great for most cleaning jobs in your home or office.  My husband’s chiropractic clinic uses this to clean their massage and chiropractic tables.  It is effective yet gentle — so doesn’t harm the vinyl on their tables (which helps them last longer).

Homemade Green Cleaner

Homemade Green Cleaner

The Multi-Purpose Cleaner recipe is to add 2 Tablespoons of the OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate to 24 oz of water.  I like to put this in a glass spray bottle.  Many purchase special glass bottles for their homemade cleaners, but I am frugal.  I like to reuse glass bottles I own, and just add an old Windex or other Cleaner sprayer.  I find that the liter Seltzer bottles work well, and I have heard that screw-top wine bottles work well, also (although I haven’t personally tried this).  This cleaner is great for most jobs in your home from counter tops to sinks to floors.

If you have a tougher area to clean such as bathrooms and dishes, I would recommend increasing the amount of concentrate you add to your spray bottle.  I typically recommend 3 tablespoons of concentrate for each 24 oz of water.  If you have an even tougher area to clean (like a greasy stove-top or hard water stain), you can add some concentrate undiluted to the area and allow it to soak before rubbing clean.

Green Cleaning – For Our Health And For The Environment

doTERRA’s OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate is simply the most effective yet safe cleaner I have found.  We use it in all rooms of our home and also at my husband’s chiropractic clinic.  It is inexpensive, non-toxic, effective and safe for our environment.  I highly recommend you give this natural cleaning product a try – I’m sure you will love the results!

Hugs & Health – Michelle