Green cleaning was on my to-do list in 2020, and our family made the switch to cleaning with all natural products.  Making your own healthy cleaning products with essential oils is  easy, effective, and good for your health (by avoiding toxins found in most commercial cleaning products).  I think cleaning effectively became even more important in 2020, although honestly, I had set it as one of my New Year’s goals.

Green Cleaning Supplies

I love that I only need a few simple products on hand such as white vinegar, organic dish soap, baking soda and pure essential oils (I only use doTERRA because they are tested and therefore trusted).  The main essential oils I use for cleaning are Lemon, Lime, Citrus Bliss, Purify, Tea Tree, OnGuard, Lavender, and Wild OrangedoTERRA’s OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate is also a cleaning staple.  A microfiber cloth is also helpful.

Green Cleaning Benefits

Another added benefit of making my own green cleaners is that I never run out of my cleaning products, because I always have the ingredients on hand to make more.  You only need a few drops of the essential oils for each product, so they last a long time (and I definitely get my money’s worth and then some).  I am only on my second bottle of OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate, and I have been using it for 6 years!

DIY Green Cleaning Class For Beginners

Worried that you aren’t a DIY’er?  Well honestly, neither am I!  However, making your own cleaning products is incredibly easy, and most take less than a minute to make.  If you want to get started, and aren’t sure how to begin I have the perfect solution.  Join us for a Spring Cleaning With Essential Oils class next week.  We are offering two formats, so you can choose what works best in your schedule.

  1.  A Facebook Workshop beginning 4/18 and running through 4/25.  You can request to join here:
  2. A Zoom Class Thursday 4/22 at 7 p.m. CST.  Zoom Link to join:

Both options are FREE, and you will hear from many different educators about their favorite essential oil cleaning tips and tricks. We will cover all areas of your home from the kitchen, to the bathroom to the laundry room.  Even better, I will be doing some giveaways during both events for people who comment and/or ask questions.

We have tailor-made a Green Cleaning Kit to help you get the basics for getting started.  When you attend our class, I can also give you a promo code to earn a free Citrus Bliss essential oil with this kit.  However, you have to attend the class to get the promo code:)  Education is the key to using essential oils safely and effectively (and we help you get the most for you money, too).

I truly love sharing my passion of natural solutions with essential oils.  Cleaning is not something I love to do; however, with my essential oil cleaning products, at least I know they are safe.  The fact that they smell great makes cleaning much more tolerable (and almost enjoyable).  I hope you can join us!


Hugs & Health – Michelle