Green cleaning is a trendy phase, and I think green cleaning is super important.  Did you know most commercial cleaners contain toxins including phthalates, triclosan, ammonia, perchloroethylene (commonly referred to as PERC), chlorine, sodium hydroxide and formaldehyde?  These toxins can be picked up from surfaces through your skin while using the cleaner, through bare feet on the floor, hands on tables, counters, etc.  They also enter our bodies through the air, so everyone in the household is effected — not just the person cleaning.

Green Cleaning

These chemicals can cause health problems when you’re exposed to them — both short term and long term.  Babies and children tend to be more susceptible to chemical exposure, and these toxins can interfere with their endocrine, immune and neurological systems.  Our bodies accumulate toxins over time and the amount in your body at any given time is referred to as your “toxic load”.  If your toxic load gets too high, it effects your immune system and can lead to diseases.

Homemade Cleaners With Essential Oils

You can make your own cleaning products with a few simple ingredients and essential oils for much cheaper than commercial cleansers.  The best part is your homemade cleaners are toxin-free, and adding in purifying essential oils makes them super effective.

Products  you will need to keep on hand include:  Castile Soap, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Olive Oil, Baking Soda and doTERRA essential oils (my favorite is OnGuard Essential Oil for making cleaners).  With these simple ingredients, you can make green-cleaning products for all your cleaning needs.  I also LOVE that I never run out of my cleaners, because I always have the ingredients to make more on hand!

Mold Remover Spray

Mold Remover Spray With Essential Oils

Mold Remover Spray With Essential Oils

Mold Remover Spray comes in handy for cleaning your showers.  Water pools in my shower because it is level, often leading to mold.  In a glass bottle I mix  20 drops Tea Tree Oil, and 8 drops each of Cinnamon Bark, Clove and Lemon essential oils.  In the winter, or for tough jobs, I also add in 8 drops of OnGuard Essential oil.  Then fill to the top with white vinegar.  Shake before each use, spray on areas of mold and allow to sit for one hour.  Then gently wipe mold away with a soft cloth or paper towel.  No need to wear a mask and gloves!


All-Purpose Cleaner

OnGuard All Purpose Cleaner

OnGuard All Purpose Cleaner

My all-purpose spray is great for just about everything (except wooden surfaces).  It works well on glass, granite, stainless steel, etc.  In a glass bottle (I like to reuse bottles from seltzer water, etc.) combine 1 cup white vinegar, about 20-30 drops of essential oils, fill to the top with water and then add a dash of organic dish soap or Castille Soap.  An alternate recipe is to fill 1/4 of the bottle with doTERRA’s OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate, add 20 drops OnGuard Essential Oil and fill to the top with water.  These two recipes works great for the majority of cleaning in our home.

Wood Cleaner

Wood Cleaner With Essential Oils

Wood Cleaner With Essential Oils

Wood cleaners made with essential oils are effective and also gentle on wood.  In a 4 oz glass spray bottle I combine 3/4 C Vinegar, 3 T Olive Oil, 20 Drops Wild Orange, 20 Drops Cedarwood and 10 Drops Lemon Essential Oil.  Spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth.  This makes my wood shine!

Making my own cleaning products using essential oils and a few simple ingredients is one of the ways I save money by using essential oils.  As you will see from the pictures, I like to reuse glass bottles, which is another way I save money.   I also don’t go into stores like Target near as often, which definitely saves me money (because I don’t impulse buy)!  Green cleaning is one of the important ways we have reduced and/or eliminated toxins in our home.

If you have a favorite green-cleaning recipe using essential oils, please share in the comments!

Hugs & Health – Michelle