The Home Essentials Kit by doTERRA is my favorite way for newbies to begin using essential oils.  It is similar to the kit I started with 6 years ago (they have updated it) and contains the basics for a new oiler to get started with healthy options for their home, yet not so many oils to be overwhelming.  It contains the top 10 oils plus a 10-hour diffuser (the easiest way for a new oiler to use their oils).  I will highlight each oil, and give a basic overview of how we use it in our home.

  1.  Adaptiv Calming BlendAdaptiv is a newer oil to doTERRA’s lineup; however, it has quickly become one of the most popular!  This blend was synergistically designed for life’s most stressful moments.  It’s referred to as the calming blend, because it helps ease the mind and soothe away stress.  Adaptiv can help when your feeling anxious, tense or when you need to adapt to new surroundings or situations (like the first day of school, or first day on a new job).  It’s also great to calm you before public speaking.  Adaptiv is great in an Epsom salt bath, during massage, in your diffuser and applied over pulse points or the bottoms of your feet.  This oil is gentle and does not require dilution; however, you should dilute it with FCO (fractionated coconut oil) for children, the elderly, pets and those with sensitive skin.
  2. Balance Grounding BlendBalance is known as doTERRA’s grounding blend, because it helps promote an overall feeling of relaxation and can ease anxious feelings.  My son, Danny, chooses this oil when he is anxious about trying something new (like riding a big horse) and when trying to sit still in church.  It is delightful in a diffuser, in diffuser jewelry and applied over your pulse points.  Balance should not be used internally.  You can dilute this oil; however, it is one of the only oils from doTERRA that comes prediluted for convenience.  Most calming oils have a floral scent; Balance has more of a woodsy scent and is often preferred by men and women who don’t care for floral oils.
  3. Breathe Respiratory BlendBreathe essential oil is a blend doTERRA created to support easy breathing and maintaining feelings of clear airways.  It can be helpful when seasonal threats are high, or to support your respiration when you feeling like you’re coming down with a bug.  Do you have a snorer in your house?  Diffuse and apply to the big toe before bed to open airways and “hear” the results!  Breathe is great in your bedroom diffuser, and also when applied topically to the chest or feet.  It is recommended to dilute for sensitive skin.  Breathe oil is not intended for internal use (which makes sense when you are trying to support your respiratory system).
  4. Deep Blue Soothing Blend doTERRA’s Deep Blue Oil is both cooling and soothing for tired or sore muscles.  It is wonderful in a massage, Epsom salt bath, or rubbed into areas of discomfort.  It is recommended to dilute this oil.  Deep Blue is perfect for athletes both pre and post workout.  Some people call it the “husband converter”, but really is a great first oil to try for any oil skeptic. They will feel the effects instantly!
  5. Copaiba Essential OilCopaiba essential oil is not CBD oil, but it is often compared to CBD oil (CBD is NOT an essential oil).  Copaiba essential oil is high in betacaryophyllene, a potent constituent that works on the endocannabinoid system similar to the way CBD does.  It has a profound effect, because it works on two different cell receptors C-1 and C-2.  It does not come from the cannabis plant, and does not have the smallest bit of hallucinogenic effect (nor does it show up on drug tests).  It is most well-known for being useful for soothing anxious feelings, promoting restful sleep, easing digestion and areas of discomfort, and supporting a healthy immune and cardiovascular system.  It can be used all three ways internally, topically and aromatically.  Personally, I like to internalize Copaiba for maximum benefit.  It doesn’t taste the best (it’s derived from a tree), so I typically put a couple of drops in an empty veggie capsule and basically make my own vitamin.
  6. DigestZen Digestive BlendDigestZen digestive blend is designed for and best known for promoting healthy digestion by maintaining a healthy GI (gastrointestinal) tract.  I use it for reducing feelings of bloating, gas and occasional indigestion.  It is great to use before a heavy holiday meal or when eating out and trying new foods.  I think it is most effective when used internally.  I like to pop a drop in an empty veggie capsule, apply over my abdomen or to the bottoms of my feet.  We don’t typically diffuse this oil, however; it would be good to diffuse in a car for those who get motion sickness.  I also use this one on my Havanese, Ivy.  She often gets an “off” tummy and won’t eat for several days.  I apply some DigestZen to the pads of her feet, and she usually eats within an hour.
  7. Lavender Essential OilLavender is an essential oil we use daily in our home for anything “calming”.  We use it to calm our mind when we want to relax and also when we are ready to unwind for sleep.  It is also calming to our skin when we have a cut, burn, bug bite or really any skin irritation.  You do not need to dilute this gentle oil, but typically dilute with FCO for children and pets.   Lavender oil is one of my favorites in a diffuser, can be applied topically, and also taken internally.
  8. Lemon Essential OilLemon oil is versatile and inexpensive.  I drink it throughout the day in my water (always out of glass or stainless steel — not plastic) to help gently cleanse my body.  Lemon is great in your diffuser to help cleanse and purify the air and uplift your mood.  It can be used to make your own cleaning products along with vinegar and water.  Lemon helps remove stains from clothing and gets rid of sticky goo (residue from price tags, etc.).  I clean my fruits and veggies in a sink full of water with a few drops of lemon and let soak for 30 minutes.  Lemon also helps with digestion, respiration and a healthy immune system.  This powerhouse oil saves us tons of money.
  9. OnGuard Essential OilOnGuard Essential Oil is doTERRA’s protective blend, and I simply think of it as immune support in a bottle!  I love the scent and call it Christmas in a bottle!  This powerful blend was synergistically formulated to support a healthy immune system and protect against environmental threats.  We combine 20-40 drops OnGuard in a 10 ml rollerball and add FCO.  This is out at our breakfast table every morning.  We apply to the bottoms of our feet while eating and then put our socks on.  At the first hint of being run down or having a tickle in our throats, we put a drop under our tongue and/or add to a glass of water.  Diffusing OnGuard is a great way to scent your home, cleanse the air, and stop the spread of germs.  We also make green cleaners with OnGuard, vinegar and water and find them effective, inexpensive and non-toxic.
  10. Peppermint Essential OilPeppermint is truly one of my personal favorites, and an essential oil I use daily!  I like to diffuse this oil paired with Wild Orange Essential Oil in the morning to wake up our sleepy household.  This combo is also great in a roller for energy and focus — I typically do 20 drops of each and fill with FCO.  I like to apply this to the back of my neck before a work meeting, or for Danny when studying.  The main health benefits of Peppermint oil include promoting digestive health, alleviating occasional stomach discomfort, promoting clear breathing and healthy respiratory function, and repelling bugs naturally.  Mice, ants and spiders in particular don’t care for peppermint.  This oil is delicious in bulletproof coffee or hot cocoa.  It can be used internally, aromatically and topically (it is recommended to dilute for sensitive skin).
  11. Petal Diffuser:  This kit also comes with doTERRA’s petal diffuser.  It can run for 2 to 6 hours steady or run for 12 hours intermittently.  The mist covers up to 330 square feet and has a soft white light than can be used as a night light, or turned off for no light.  A diffuser is the easiest way for a new oiler to use their oils.  You simply drop in a few drops of essential oil, fill with water and turn it on.  The combinations of diffuser recipes are endless.  Once you get started, I can share some of my favorites!

I think you will find the 10 oils in this kit easy to use, and once you get started exploring all that they can do you will find them helpful.  You can create many home remedies, personal care items, green-cleaners, recipes and crafts using these top 10 oils.  Once you get started, it can be fun and you will find they can actually save you money.  Reach out with any questions, or if you have tips on how you use these oils.


Hugs & Health – Michelle