doTERRA’s Healthy Habits Kit is the perfect place to begin if you want to establish daily habits that lead to lifelong wellness.  I like to think of wellness (the part I can control) as a combo of making good lifestyle choices and establishing healthy habits.

doTERRA has a wellness pyramid that shows the lifestyle and healthcare choices we have to optimize our health.  I encourage you to rate yourself in each category, and then begin by working on the area you scored the lowest first.  The bottom four rungs (Eat right, Exercise, Rest & Manage Stress and Reduce Toxic Load) are the areas we can personally control.  The top two are areas our physicians can help with (and why I feel it is important to find a doctor you can trust).

doTERRA’s Healthy Habits Kit contains the basics for working on the bottom four lifestyle choices in the Wellness Pyramid.  This kit contains the top 5 oils, top 5 supplements and a pain-relieving lotion.  I will highlight each of the products, and explain how I use them.

  1.  LLV = LifeLong Vitality.  This 3-pack of vitamins is named appropriately; taking them daily is one of the best things you can do to maintain vitality throughout your life.  It contains a multi-vitamin/mineral, an Omega and a Cellular Vitality Complex.  These 3 supplements are formulated with potent levels of nutrients, powerful metabolic factors and pure essential oils that work together synergistically to help optimize health, energy and longevity.   They are a “whole food” supplement (not a synthetic), so your body innately knows how to utilize them — just as your body knows what to do when you eat an apple. The recommended dose is four of each/day (synthetic vitamins tend to be 1/day, but real food requires more space).  I recommend starting with one of each with your a.m. meal and 1 of each with your p.m. meal.  After one week, you can increase to the full dose (2 of each with your a.m. and p.m. meals).
  2. TerraZyme Digestive Enzyme:  These whole-food enzymes support your body’s digestive process and promote healthy digestion and cellular metabolism.  Enzymes are important for everyone and can often help with occasional gas/bloating when eating large meals or foods that don’t agree with you.  They help your body digest proteins, fats, carbs, sugars and fiber.  Take 1-3 tablets before each meal.
  3. PB Assist ProbioticdoTERRA’s probiotic defense formula called PB Assist comes in a unique time-release capsule designed to protect it from your stomach acid so it reaches your lower GI tract for maximum effectiveness.  It delivers 6 billion CFU’s of active probiotic cultures as well as pre-biotic fiber to support your body’s healthy digestion and support good immune function.  Take 1 capsule for 10 days each month (can take more following an antibiotic or illness).  The first 3 steps (really 5 supplements) all support the “Eat Right” rung of the wellness pyramid.
  4. Deep Blue Rub:  This lotions provides a cooling and soothing effect to areas of discomfort.  Deep Blue Rub is infused with essential oils that help to soothe sore muscles as well as help to reduce inflammation.  It addresses the second rung of the wellness pyramid “exercise” by helping you recover from workouts so you can keep working out.  Rub into areas of discomfort before and/or after your workouts.  I also like to rub this into my neck/shoulder area when I am feeling tense.
  5. Lavender Essential OilLavender is an essential oil we pretty much use daily in our home for anything “calming”.  We use it to calm our mind when we need to relax and also when we want to unwind for sleep.  We also use it to calm our skin when we have a cut, burn, bug bite or really any skin irritation.  You do not need to dilute this gentle oil, but should dilute for children and pets.  I like to use FCO (fractionated coconut oil).  Lavender oil is delightful in a diffuser, when applied topically, and can be taken internally.  Lavender helps with the “Rest & Manage Stress” rung of our pyramid.
  6. Balance Essential OilBalance is known as doTERRA’s grounding blend.  This oil helps promote an overall feeling of relaxation and can ease anxious feelings.  My son, Danny, chooses this oil when he is anxious about trying something new and when trying to sit still in church.  It is delightful in a diffuser, in diffuser jewelry and applied over your pulse points.  Balance should not be used internally.
  7. Tangerine Essential Oil:  Tangerine is delightful in water or tea and has the added benefit of aiding in digestion and boosting metabolism when taken internally.  It is also offers a cleansing effect when taken internally and/or when diffused.  We also diffuse the oil to uplift our mood.  It helps me drink more water, because the taste is so delightful!  It is also known to boost the immune system respiratory system when ingested — a win/win!
  8. OnGuard Essential OilOnGuard Essential Oil is known as doTERRA’s protective blend, but I like to think of it as immune support in a bottle!  And, I think it smells like Christmas in a bottle!  This powerhouse blend was synergistically formulated to support a healthy immune function and protect against environmental threats.  Add 20-40 drops OnGuard in a 10 ml rollerball and fill to the top with FCO.  We set this out at our breakfast table each morning, and apply to the bottoms of our feet while eating before putting our socks on.  At the first sign of being run down or having a tickle in our throats, we put a drop under our tongue or add to a glass of water.  Diffusing OnGuard is a great way to cleanse the air, and stop the spread of germs.  Green cleaners made with OnGuard, vinegar and water are effective, inexpensive and non-toxic.  OnGuard addresses overall wellness, rather than a specific rung of our pyramid.
  9. FrankincenseFrankincense is known as the king of oils, and really is great for EVERYTHING!  I think of it as complete cellular support, and it also affects all rungs of our wellness pyramid.  Apply to your neck and forehead to promote feelings of relaxation.  Take internally to support healthy cell function.  Apply to areas of soreness or tension.  Frankincense is great for the skin, and can be used on blemishes, age spots, scars and wrinkles.  Diffuse Frankincense to uplift your mood and calm your senses.  When in doubt, get your Frankincense out!

I hope this tutorial on how to use the products in doTERRA’s Healthy Habits Kit is helpful.  I truly believe the products in this kit are great for everyone, and when used daily, are beneficial to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.  If you have questions on how to use these products, or want to share how you use them, please drop your comments below.


Hugs & Health – Michelle